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Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC

Mark Hamill gets lost original Star Wars soundtrack back after it was found by an Arizona book store

- A used book store in Arizona called Bookmans Flagstaff found the album, signed by composer John Williams to Mark Hamill, when a woman sold her late father's Star Wars memoribilia to them in July 2018.

- The inscription said “Dear Mark Hamill, May the Force always be with us”.

- The album was marked as "not for distribution" and the signature was obviously real, so the staff didn't know what to do with it. They put it in an office in the store and it sat there for a year and a half.

- Around Christmas 2019 the album was advertised in the store for sale for $499.50, but the shop owner decided to reach out to Hamill after a few days to see if he'd like it back.

- After sharing the album on Twitter Hamill saw it. He didn't realize he'd been missing it and he knew he'd never sell it, so he's not sure how he lost possession of it.

- Hamill says he hadn't seen the album since the early 90s, but he assummed it was in the basement of his home where he keeps all his vinyl.

- Hamill doesn't keep much of his Star Wars memoribilia. Aside from the album some of the few items he's chosen to keep are his boots from the first film and the stormtrooper costume he wore to rescue Leia.

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Have you ever lost something really valuable?
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