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Jeopardy Greatest of All Time Winner Crowned

Jeopardy finally answered the question "Who is the greatest player of all time" last night, as Ken Jennings won the tournament over fellow Jeopardy record holders James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter.

*Ken won a 3 games to 1 margin over James Holtzhauer. James had a chance to win last night's game to tie the tournament, but the tripped up the Final Jeopardy category (his weakest category, Shakespeare) allowing Ken to take it all.

*After the tournament, James was charged with murder for this epic burn on fellow contestant Brad Rutter, who basically existed in the tournament to be a third person, to find and miss 90% of the Daily Doubles, and to get to go first in every round of Double Jeopardy:

*Brad ended up collecting $250,000 for doing nothing, so I guess he's really the winner?

*Jennings walked away with a trophy and a cool million.

*Alex did not name Ken his replacement as host at the end as many thought he would.

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Did you watch ONTD? Did you get more answers right than Brad in the tournament?
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