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The View: Leslie Jones, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Full panel

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones is promoting her new stand up special Leslie Jones Time Machine on Netflix.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Plays clip. Whoopi laughs about the joke in clip. LJ says you have to live through that to write that. Was just in London. Asks about BRF. LJ doesn’t like that they’re blaming Meghan. Thinks Harry always wanted to leave. Let them live! Joy says they have $40M so they’re not poor. LJ ia a fan of GoT. She’s very physical in her comedy show, so she wanted the D&D directors. She wanted dragons but they said No, they’re not real. Joy says LJ is now 52 (!) and how she’s different than at 22. LJ says at 22 you’re just dumb. You think you know everything but you know nothing. Brain doesn’t fully develop until you’re 25. She just remembers tequila. Joy asks about dating and sex. LJ says when you’re 22 you’re out there, you should be. You don’t think about being 52. You’re out there living. The 22 yr olds now, they suck, they’re stressed out. She didn’t care who the president was, who her boss was, she only cared about the next party. Young people now have to pay attention because we have a crazy government.

Sunny brings up quitting SNL. LJ misses playing Whoopi. It was so fun. Whoopi says they won’t let her squirt the panel with a water gun (like the SNL skit). Sunny brings up Eddie Murphy, who just returned to SNL. LJ is starring in his sequel Coming to America. Said they had so much fun. She’s playing /spoiler/. Abby brings up Super Market Sweep. LJ tells story. Trained her friend for 3 mos straight but then her friend wouldn’t take the day off from her job. Whoopi still has fun with British accent.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™ Wag the Irandog©

Chuck Schumer joins via satellite. Whoopi brings up T45 retweeted photo of Schumer and Pelosi in Muslim clothing in front of Iran flag. What’s the point? Schumer says, how low can he go? The foreign policy he has created, erratic, impulsive, egotistical. Nobody wants another endless war in the Middle East. Hopefully Senate will vote on War Powers resolution. He must be stopped. Whoopi says a lot of people wear the clothing, there’s nothing wrong with it, but T45 appeals to bigotry and divisiveness. Sunny says he ordered the killing because of lies about 4 embassies. Schumer can’t talk about the briefings, but implies lies, lies, and more lies. There was no evacuation, and none of them increased security. Even SecDef walked that back. Schumer says T45 plays so fast and loose with the truth. T45 says he’s the only one saving pre-existing conditions, where really he’s the one dismantling health care for everyone.

Abby moves to impeachment. Still argues the three week standstill was pointless. Schumer doesn’t agree (the three weeks were over the holidays, look at a damn calendar). Schumer moves on to a trial requires witnesses. Serious stuff that he tried to bribe Ukraine. Schumer says they worked on getting witnesses, and documents, which have been withheld by T45. Quotes Dragnet, Just the Facts Ma’am. If Pelosi sent it right over, and McConnell just dismissed, then what? Joy says Romney is on the record that he wants witnesses and documents. Schumer quotes American voter position. Schumer says McConnell will do what T45 wants, and T45 doesn’t want the truth to come out. There have been 16 Senate impeachment trials. 2 for fmr Potus, and 14 for other issues. All had witnesses and documents. Joy quotes A Few Good Men, He Can’t Handle the Truth. Schumer says he was in the House during Clinton, so apples and oranges. But also witnesses in 1998 had already testified. The witnesses Senate wants now have been forbidden to testify. Founding Fathers were most afraid of a foreign nation interfering in our elections. And now here we are.

Hot Topic Mom & Dad Are Still Fighting (Warren v Sanders Part 2)

Whoopi covers the background. Abby says Warren has kept that in her back pocket. They had agreed to stay civil but now the gloves are off [sorta]. Sunny thinks Sanders is a little more progressive than Warren. Thinks Warren came out swinging because his surrogates came after her. Warren provided an actual statement recapping the conversation. Sanders did not deny he said it (after denying he said it) but then clarified the context. Even from Hillary book, the attacks from Bernie Bros paved the way for T45 to come after her. Joy wonders why it’s a big story, people have conversations about electability. Issues with women is Sanders achilles heel, like black people for Mayor Pete. Abby tells story from years ago with Sanders, on Bill Maher show, and how he treated her. Surprises Abby he has the following that he does with women, despite this ongoing issue. Joy hopes people aren’t self destructive like last election.

Sunny brings up Bernie Bros again, it got ugly and sexist. He stopped the roll call at DNC, before he finally reneged. Whoopi calls out Bernie Bros, keep your emails because she doesn’t care. If Sanders is not the candidate, get your s’it together. T45 has to go, no matter what, no matter who.

Hot Topic Missing Child Alert

Missing 14-Year-Old Brooklyn Tech Student Jenna Hospedales
The View wants to use their audience platform to highlight missing people, at least a couple of times a month.

Hot Topic Boiling Royal Tea

Check the Royals tag

Whoopi does a good British accent. Abby thinks they thought this would allow them to escape the limelight but doing this will create more interest. Panel chatters about this and that. Nothing of any consequence but they joke about all of it.

Hot Topic Sia and Diplo Hit It and Quit It

See related post here by queenb727

Whoopi talks about complicated working relationships, Sia getting in touch with Diplo for hit it and quit it. LJ says a closed mouth don’t get fed [Yeah Idk what that means in context]. She’s 52, she damn sure agrees. Abby says she gets too emotionally attached. Doesn’t think she could disconnect. LJ says you’re not supposed to be worried about the next one, you’re supposed to be better than the next one. Whoopi says this is just about unadulterated sex. Don’t pretend, if you’re not looking for a relationship.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Go away. Go away mad. Go away silent. Just go away.

Programming note: Next Democratic Debate is TONIGHT @ 9PM on CNN I'll do a live post for it

Ontd do you hit it and quit it?

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