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Kelly Clarkson shouts out Eugene Levy and Schitt's Creek at the Critics' Choice Awards

Kelly presented the award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series at this year's Critics' Choice Awards, but before she announced the winner (which ended up being Bill Hader), she gave a shout out to Eugene Levy, who was also a nominee in the category:

"I personally love Eugene Levy. I love you, so I just want to say that Schitt's Creek is the jam." She later quipped, "Everything else is great too, I just have a lot of kids and don't get to watch a lot of television."

Emily Hampshire aka Stevie Budd captured this moment on her Instagram:

The official Schitt's Creek twitter account also resurfaced Dan Levy's tweet on being an extra in a Kelly music video (supposedly this was Behind These Hazel Eyes):

Kelly then responded to the tweet and reaffirmed her love for the show:

Someone else also dug up an old interview Dan also did with Kelly:

ONTD, did you watch the premiere of Season 6? Did you also find Noah Reid especially sexy in it? And do you know of other celebrity stans of Schitt's Creek?

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Tags: canadian celebrities, kelly clarkson, schitts creek (cbc)
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