ananasonastick (ananasonastick) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Pollution from raging bushfires halts Australian Open practice

- pollution halted practice and delayed qualifying,

- Slovenian qualifier Dalila Jakupovic retired with breathing difficulties (not clear if because of smoggy air),

- some players and one prominent coach voiced concerns,

- air quality in Melbourne was among the worst on the planet and described as "hazardous" by city authorities.

source: twitter
Tags: sports / athletes - tennis
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Well now that it's disrupting a major sporting event Scomo might take the bushfire crisis more seriously.
& maybe all the British boomers who gamble on literally any sporting event... but I'm probably being too optimistic there
Is it Test cricket? He don’t give a shit.

It’s already caused a BBL match to be called off.
this is just getting ridiculous. and fuck the PM
They need to cancel AO. It's entirely too dangerous to have players, the public, and event staff breathing in that toxic air. It's not worth it.
Damn. Horrific and scary 😢
At what point do the players just say no?
Djokovic has struggled with asthma problems before, I think he would one one of the first to peace out and I think it will make it easier for some players to follow. The players would t be able to play 2-3 hrs of tennis in these conditions, it’s also insanely irresponsible to have the ballkids running around
I don't know if Australian nature will recover from this. Not this century, anyway.
i don't know the exact state of the fires in and around the region, but to me it seemed straight up dangerous to not cancel / delay / move the tournament somewhere safer (if such a place was available. i get it's one of the big 4 tournaments but you can't be putting people's lives at risk like this especially when it contradicts official guidance.

we had some fires near where i live a couple of summers ago and i had to stay indoors for days at a time even though everybody else was pretty much fine. i can't imagine how unpleasant this must be in aus atm :/
It sucks. It's also been hot in Melbourne the last few days which is making it worse. Me and my husband can't run our aircon unit or open windows to cool down the house in the evening.

The government is so blase about the whole thing which is upsetting. It's not normal for us to have such bad air quality for such a long time.

OT but we literally got alerts to our phones here in Ontario this week due to a potential nuclear accident. This world is fucked.
they should just cancel. no one should be playing sport in these weather conditions
I mean... people have already died from the smoke but yeah yeah. We'll conitinue with this sporting event. Ugh.
make it make sense
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