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Pollution from raging bushfires halts Australian Open practice

- pollution halted practice and delayed qualifying,

- Slovenian qualifier Dalila Jakupovic retired with breathing difficulties (not clear if because of smoggy air),

- some players and one prominent coach voiced concerns,

- air quality in Melbourne was among the worst on the planet and described as "hazardous" by city authorities.

source: twitter
Tags: sports / athletes - tennis
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the amount of smoke here is scary, my suburb doesn't even have any fires yet it's been so hazy. i can't even imagine what it's like where it's actually burning.

we absolutely shouldn't be making tennis players put their health at risk just for execs to be able to stay on schedule :/
im in alabama and right now its flooding rain outside as I comment :(
it's okay, our government would just steal all your water donations and sell it to china for cheap, anyway.

i just don't even know. i don't even want people to continue donating to the australian bushfire relief (when phillippines needs it 1000x more tbh), when it just gives our government license to steal from the services that need it since it'll be covered by all these well-meaning people from around the world.
The City of Melbourne issued a warning that all people and pets should stay indoors today with windows closed, yet Australian Open is making players do this. It's shameful.

Here's video of Jakupovic having a coughing fit and being forced to retire:

holy f she looks like shes close to dying poor girl
Is the tennis associations/players associations going to allow this? Wtf... AO should be ashamed of themselves.
It's been going on all day and AO has yet to release a statement. I don't know why the player associations aren't doing anything either.
A lot of players are posting about it, I'm hoping it forces their hand.

This should not have happened.
The ATP has never given a shit about the players well-being.
Ugh that's really distressing. They have a whole bunch of indoor courts in the training centre at the AO, I don't know what the air conditioning is like but maybe they should be playing qualies in there.
cancel it and donate the prize money to help fight the fires!

jk they won't do that. they should postpone the tournament or something, but they also probably won't do that. the AO is always messy and unhealthy; in the past players had to retire from the extreme heat.
this is horrible but on the other hand its sort of good such a high profile event is having difficulties because people need to realize every event will have such horrible circumstances if we dont do more about climate change
i know itll be hard for the maga bros but yes even super bowl
Ahhh they could at least postpone it but nope, money money money.

My asthmatic ass is anxious just looking at that. It makes me sad because Melbourne was my home for many years and I always appreciated the air quality.
Is there even a particular reason why they’re having an event like this when the country is dealing with a horrific climate crisis???
$$$$. but it's also a big thing here and one of the big 4 tennis tournaments of the year (the first of the year). australia's v into tennis.
Yeah, Im a tennis fan, my comment was sarcastic/rhetorical. When I said "event like this" I meant an incredibly demanding athletic event, often with the top uncovered, in the middle of an ongoing crisis. Bad call by everyone all around imho


2 months ago

The PM won’t even admit there’s a horrific climate crisis, so endangering people for $$$ is pretty par for the course.
$$ but watch them spin it as a morale-booster for those who lost their homes and loved ones
So a lot of our events happen in Jan cause of school holidays and what not.

They moved one of the events for my sport from Canberra to Sydney due to the issues. Right decision.

The state orginisation in Canberra is now facing a $60K loss and is having to do a go fund me otherwise it could mean the end of that originisation.

Obviously health comes first, but it’s not as easy as ‘cancel it’


2 months ago


2 months ago

it's a major two-week long tennis event, one of the major 4 tournaments on the calendar and for many of the low ranked players, events like this is key for them to bring in a good paycheck and earn a fair amount of points, even from qualifying. logistically, rescheduling it would be a nightmare but at the same time it's very doable so really the ITF should've read the room and just told players they could keep the australian swing points from last year for 2 years and just cancelled the tournament.


2 months ago


2 months ago

I live in Melbourne and it was dreadful this morning. I can usually see the horizon from my apartment and it was gone. Glad I stocked up on P2 masks because apparently they're getting really hard to find.

first of all, great view
second... yikes!
I haven't been able to find any P2 masks but luckily I can just stay inside but wheeewwww it's not good.
=( i feel for all the labourers and posties and stuff who have to work outside. it is horrifying. if this becomes the new normal idek. is there anywhere left on earth that isn't affected? our smoke is literally reaching new zealand and chile.
Damn for a second I thought that pic implied Maria Sharapova was playing qualifiers.

There's meant to be some rain and cooler weather over the weekend, fingers crossed the air clears up for next week.
Well she was given a wildcard for AO so...not far off. Her ranking is 145 right now
After her steroids scandal she is absolutely terrible. Sad!
Australia is having their worst fire in history because of climate change and most people don't even care. We're so doomed.
It's so frustrating. You can't even talk to most people about reducing their meat consumption without being bombarded with "hurr durr bacon" jokes.

I feel bad for animals and the indigenous people, they deserve better than this.

Deleted comment

I think having changing your diet as a suggested thing to someone who's not a diehard is a really bad idea. People are really attached to and defensive of their diets, and there are tonnes of ways for people to reduce their carbon footprint other than diet change that they WILL do.


2 months ago


2 months ago


2 months ago

IDK if this is OT or not but my hometown (Belgrade) has consistently been in the top 1-10 of the most polluted cities in the world for the past few months and every few days we have this awful, awful haze that sets down and lasts for a while. Like today, it's a sunny day and I can barely see the builldings around me. It's so scary and it's starting to have an effect on the people, everyone I know, including me, is starting to suffer with breathing. I hate everything.
Oh gosh, that's frightening! Sorry to hear that Belgrade is dealing with that. Where is the haze coming from? Is it industrial?
Combo of things, I think. Industrial, people still burn coal and wood a lot for heating, plus traffic. Who knows what else. I am particularly pissed today, IDK, I just have a lot of trouble inhaling properly


January 14 2020, 11:30:27 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 11:32:27 UTC

It's been like this for weeks and most people just don't care. The level of denial is UNREAL
Ive had to work full time outdoors on the worst days and it's given me really bad anxiety. I csnt even wear a mask because of the nature of my job which is extremely frustrating. Managers don't give a fuck. He'll, most of the people I'm working with don't give a fuck they're all working in this smoke with no masks and no worries.
The only day we stopped work was when the air quality was 11 TIMES the hazardous level (200 AQI) and even then we had to sit outside and I got teased for wearing a mask.... I just.
Ugh that's awful! Does your industry have a union? I think this is the kind of thing you should raise with them!
During the Paradise Fire I couldn’t even walk two blocks without resting because of my asthma, it’s ridiculous to be teased for trying to breathe.

Call OSHA.
What union are you with? Have you spoken to them?
Do you have a union?
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I think tennis players will start to withdraw. It’s not worth the damage to your lungs, and the tennis season is so long it’s honestly not worth it. However I’m sure the qualifiers/lower ranked players will try and push through for the money and points

I know people are claiming that the air will clear before the main draw starts but technically the Aus Open has already started and it’s really irresponsible to not suspend play when the air quality is so bad
A few years ago during the fires in northern California, the air quality was horrible and Cal REFUSED to cancel a football game that weekend. I had tickets and I was like hell no, I am not sitting outside and breathing that air for 3+ hours, but at least I had a choice.

I was furious that they forced two football teams to play in those extremely unhealthy conditions. Between the players, coaches, trainers, and other staff for two teams, that's over 200 people being exposed to all the particulates in the air.

But the game was supposed to be televised so the school didn't want to lose the money from that. So fucked up.
Omg I think I remember that! It really sucks when organizers don’t care especially in college when student athletes don’t really have a choice.
The air quality is supposed to get better by the end of the week, before the main tournament starts in earnest. They won't withdraw. The top players will be protected and the lower ranked ones need the points and money.


January 14 2020, 12:29:48 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 12:31:24 UTC

well boohoo but priorities on something that actually matters globally!
It's like at the same time you have a Hemsworth selling his new relaysh on a peaceful Aussie beach like... inappropriate timing...


Oof Gilles tweet, nagl for Tennis at all
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