U- R- TRASH (urtrash) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Selena Gomez Looks Gorgeous and Plays a Game With Jimmy Fallon

They played a game of feeling random objects that they had to guess.
she absolutely clueless and cute throughout
she touched worms
Tags: jimmy fallon, late night talk show, selena gomez

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she looks pretty. what kind of schooling do disney kids/child stars get?

also, LOL

Deleted comment

i watched a behind the scenes video for stranger things and the kids had a school trailer for some of them (not mbb tho, pray for her!)


January 14 2020, 15:35:16 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 15:36:38 UTC

i could only get halfway through that video. how does she not have any questions to what he's describing???? why is she streaming this?

edit: also i was ready for him to say black lives matter and wanted to see how she reacted to that.

we know what you do selena... live in ignorance to things that dont effect you. philando castro was huge news, as someone whos on social media everyday she has no excuse.

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1 year ago

I’m not clicking play if that’s a goddamn brain Jimmy is about to touch in the thumbnail
It is. It's a cow brain.

Deleted comment

Cheekbones look... fuller. She looks cute
Not a Fallon fan, but I love this game, tbh.

Deleted comment

she looks and sounds like debby ryan

still racist still untalented
I always thought Debbie Ryan was her replacement at Disney.
Debbie Ryan looks like a mix of Selena and Demi.
Jimmy does all these segments on his show because he’s too shit at interviewing to make a whole show out of him just talking to guests. Selena looks cute.
i love how selena is barely containing eye rolls at jimmy's extra-ness lol
i like how at one point shes just like ... come on. also its so obvious he knows everything beforehand when he plays games
Lmao, she's cute & sliving! Love her!
i would fucking hate being a modern day celeb and having to do this gross shit because talk show hosts can't do their job
lmao, right? since when did A list celebrities have to do skits with cow brains? that used to be reserved for reality show contestants on Survivor, Fear Factor, etc. lol


January 14 2020, 12:42:48 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 12:43:02 UTC

i said this in the previous post but i'm pretty shocked at how low the streams are for her new album. it might actually be a fight for her to get the top spot on the bb 200 albums chart
Her physical sales are enough with her streams to get her the #1 spot for at least one week.
eh. hdd was predicting 50-55K physical/digital sales and 105K-120K total units with streaming. roddy did 97K this week and "the box" + his album in general has only been growing. it's true that hdd predicted that she would go #1 but her album has been losing a bit of steam in the us so i think it might be on the lower end of the prediction
she’s just so painfully boring in every aspect. she does look cute tho ig
soooo beautiful, i can't
She's cute but her personality.....

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