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Where to watch this year's Oscar nominees

Oscar nominations are out and if you're thinking to yourself "I haven't seen any of this shit" you're in luck, because over half of the 54 nominated films are able to be stream right this second (or will be before Oscar night).

Here's a list of the films you can find via their streaming provider:

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how many have you seen so far ontd??
Tags: award show - academy awards, film
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OP, Honeyland is actually on Hulu!
I want For Sama to win as that was heart-wrenching and it fucked with me. I should add these opinions are mine and not the opinion of PBS or any of its affiliates. I saw it during work and it was interesting and fascinating seeing this woman's point of view as a protesting student, wife and then mom.
Ohh I was gonna go see Parasite in theaters even tho it's playing late but I may just stay in and rent it tomorrow
I’d recommend seeing it in the theater if you can. There are certain scenes that are just a lot more fun with an audience.
Seen all the BP noms - Joker is by FAR the worst. It couldn’t even manage lazy provocation bc it was too boring to deserve a reaction. The entire movie has two things to say: “I’ve seen Taxi Driver” and “I’ve seen King of Comedy!”

I think OUAT, Marriage Story, & 1917 are wildly overrated but I can hypothetically see their appeal. Joker was just creatively bankrupt trash.
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