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Where to watch this year's Oscar nominees

Oscar nominations are out and if you're thinking to yourself "I haven't seen any of this shit" you're in luck, because over half of the 54 nominated films are able to be stream right this second (or will be before Oscar night).

Here's a list of the films you can find via their streaming provider:

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how many have you seen so far ontd??
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I enjoyed OUATIH, it was a fun, but dumb movie and great cinema experience imo (well the last 10 mins were lmao). however the award noms are BAFFLING, the only thing it should be getting one for is costume. If hollywood wanted to love on a movie about them they should’ve given Dolemite some 😪

I found RT tweet about how their most highly rated movies of 19 weren’t nominated veeery interesting.

anyways can someone send me a link for Joker please? I just can’t see Joaquin’s performance being better than Heath’s
Couldn’t make it though marriage story. Trying hard to find a working link with English subtitles for Parasite and a working link for 1917 but all my usual suspects aren’t working 😞
Can't remember the last time an Oscar selection got my excited - when is the Academy going to catch up and represent society instead of the owners of society.
Uncut Gems will be on Netflix international (outside US) on January 31. The Oscars best foreign film submissions Furie (Vietnam), The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (UK), Lionheart (Nigeria), Atlantics (Senegal), Dear Ex (Taiwan), The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch (Switzerland) and A Land Imagined (SG) are all available on Netflix depending on your country.
I loved Parasite and in a just world it would sweep. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood isn't great but I'm fully here for it getting production design-it's attention to detail in recreating its time period is unmatched and the thing I enjoyed most about it.

I've seen all the main ones, obvs, and I plan to catch up on the shorts and docs soon. Corpus Christi isn't coming out until April, apparently, and I just don't know if I can bear to sit through Maleficent or Breakthrough, so sadly this won't be one of the years where I see everything. Tragic.
Jojo Rabbit, Joker are my least favorite of the nominees- in my bottom five of the year. Pain and Glory is my favorite film of the year.
I’m looking forward to seeing Honeyland and the other docs soon.
all best picture noms are available to torrent except 1917 ;)
I've seen all the BP minus 1917 which I'm sure I'll get to sometime this week
I have 32 films to see still with the big ones being Parasite and Jojo Rabbit, plus Pain and Glory, Harriet and Bombshell.

I've added many of the movies to watch lists on Netflix, Amazon and Youtube and I've been saving the gift cards I need to rent some of the others from iTunes and Cineplex.

I'm probably not going to watch Breakthrough if it's just up for song. I'll listen to the song. Sorry to Roxann Dawson who needs to make better movies.
i tried watching once upon a time in hollywood this weekend, got about 20mins in and was bored so i switched to hustlers which i really enjoyed. also watched knives out and looooved it. i planned on watching parasite this weekend so i’m glad to see it’ll be up for rental bc i want to give it some type of money lol

i’m not big into movies, but want to make a point to watch more this year since it seems like i miss out on a lot of great ones.
I saw OUATIH at the theatre, which was the only way I would have made it through the entire things without pausing haha the last ~30 minutes are exciting / typical of Tarantino... that was my only take away
2013 and 2014 are the years that I watched every single best picture nominee and it was a good practice to be in. There were usually movies I didn't give a shit about that I ended up loving (Justice for Captain Phillips and Philomena!!)

I have tried every year since, here are the nominees I didn't end up watching:

2015 - Bridge of Spies, The Revanant
2016- Arrival, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, Lion (lol busy year I guess)
2017 - Darkest Hour, Phantom Thread
2018 - Greenbook, Roma, Vice

But Arrival is so good you gotta see that.
Arrival though! It's so good.
I liked Hidden Figures a lot too.
I guess Jojo Rabbit isn't available anywhere?
Didn’t forget public libraries! I’ve checked out Joker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Judy, Avengers: Endgame, Toy Story 4, Rocketman, Lion King, Ad Astra, and Hustlers all on DVD. I’ve placed most of the others on hold.
I saw a bunch of movies that were snubbed so now I'm back at square one almost. I've seen Parasite and knives out. Do not view spoilers of either before you watch because it ruins the movie otherwise.

Otherwise I've seen
Toy Story 4
Ad Astra

So not much
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