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Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC

The New York Public Library lists its most checked-out books of all time

The New York Public Library shared its 10 most checked out books of all time. Taking the #1 spot was "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats. It has been checked out a total of 485,584 times since 1962.

Other books on the list included "1984" by George Orwell at #3 with 441770 borrows, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie at #8 with 284524 borrows, and "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" by J.K. Rowling with 231022 borrows.

"Goodnight Moon" is given an honorable mention because it would have been on the list, but the children's librarian in charge when the book was published in 1947 hated it so much she refused to carry it. The library didn't carry it until 1972.


What was the last book you checked out from the library? Favorite children's book?
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Mrs Piggle Wiggle was my shit


January 14 2020, 08:55:25 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 08:56:56 UTC

I go to the library a couple times a month to check out books and DVDs/Blu-Rays. Right now, I'm reading The Secret Lives of Colors by Kassia St. Clair and I got it from the public library.

My favorite children's books from when I was a kid were The Cat in the Hat, The Giving Tree, Miss Nelson is Missing, the Care Bear books, the Goosebump series and Number the Stars.
I was obsessed with the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley. I also loved a book series called the Gymnasts and Enid Blytons boarding school books.

Anne of Green Gables was another fave. I’m so sad we’ll never get Rilla of Ingleside made as a movie/TV show.
i really liked sweet valley high. on the other hand, i also loved the fear street series. i would alternate between the two series lol for every 1 sweet valley book, i had to read like 2 horror and 1 suspense book.
I haven't borrowed anything from the library in many years but my local library had some good cds so I would burn a lot and now I have a pretty cool cd collection
I live for the library. I have access to the LAPL e-catalogue even though I live in the U.K. and it’s been life changing.

My favourite kids book is called Albert The Running Bear. I even had a babysitter back in the late 80’s who loved the story so much that she’d keep reading after I had fallen asleep. It’s still on my bookshelf!
How do you have access to LAPL in the UK?? Tell me your secrets!
i used to read sooo much as a kid! i loved pippi longstocking, white mane (or whatever it's called in english - the book about a boy taming a wild white horse), absolutely devoured the famous five books (although i think i only genuinely enjoyed the first one lolll). and of course harry potter and anything tolkien, but i was 12 or so by then. i haven't been a library member for over a decade since i switched to ebooks tho.

it honestly bums me out that the bestsellers almost never change :/ i hate 1984 and orwell with burning passion and hope that one day we will stop seeing his misogynistic ass in the top lists.
I devoured books as a kid, my favourites were Roald Dahl ones. It was gutting to grow up and learn he was anti-Semitic 😖

I'm listening to audiobooks as I have trouble focusing on books in front of me. I finished The Handmaid's Tale and now I'm on A Monk's Guide to Happiness.
according to my items out list, the last book I checked out from the library was "Super-cute Chibis to draw and paint"
My library now has an option to be reminded when you borrow something you've borrowed before. Pretty handy when reading approximately eighty books per year and not being impressed by the majority of them.

Last book borrowed is Lincoln in Bardo, which is much different from what I expected, but when you're in it - there's some kind of eerie sad vibe to it that I can appreciate.
Omg I LOVED The Snowy Day as a kid. Hell, I still love it. I'm so glad it's #1

I checked out 5 books from the library and getting them all read has been stressful lol. That said I finished 3 already yay

When I was a kid, I used to looooooooove the Choose Your Own Adventure books!!!
Those were fun and great for reread.


January 14 2020, 13:37:20 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 13:45:40 UTC

Never read The Snowy Day, but not surprised by the rest of these.

Favorite children’s book is probably The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, The Island of the Blue Dolphin, or George’s Marvelous Medicine.

I use my library frequently so the last books I checked out were The Five by Hallie Rubenhold, Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow, and If You Tell by Gregg Olsen.
I'm reading Little Women, but I'm contemplating reading something else in between and just picking Little Women up here and there. I dunno, maybe I'm a snob but I prefer contemporary writing opposed to the old fashioned speech
There's one book I remember loving as a kid, but I can't remember the name, author or anything about it except a chicken sees a pattern and whatever she sees, the pattern is laid on her eggs. IT WAS GREAT.
Also I'm currently reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. It's interesting, but I'm waiting for something BIG to happen and I'm worried I'm going to be let down.
You more than likely will. If you can guess the "twist," everything else is the same as it was. The whole novel felt like a plateau to me.
the easter egg farm, bb


1 week ago

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