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Below Deck Celebrates 100 Episodes!

Below Deck crew and cast members from the last 7 seasons appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to discuss and celebrate 100 episodes of this criminally underrated reality show.

Rocky Dakota confronts former “Below Deck” crew member Kate Chastain in the Clubhouse over a seemingly harmless comment from Kate.

Captain Lee tells Andy Cohen what he thought when he saw the way Ashton Pienaar acted in the van and Kate Chastain says why she did not tell Captain Lee what happened at the time.

Chef Kevin Dobson reacts to the Justine's "chef to chef" comment. Tensions between Ashton and Rhylee are addressed, including Ashton’s lack of leadership skills.

Going behind-the-scenes of the van ride that terrorized Kate Chastain. Aka Ashton being a completely drunk and violent asshole who should have been fired.

Let’s discuss the last few episodes and tonight’s episode.

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Tags: andy cohen / wwhl (bravo), discussion, men are weak, reality show - bravo
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GOOD. the deck crew boys vs. girls this season has been nagl. they’re all misogynists.
Every single one of them can drown at sea for all I care. No season has had my blood pressure rising like with the weak and fragile men on this season.
OMG this! its gross how they have their bro code and make excuses for all of their mutual disdain for women.

SOOO glad Captain Lee came out and said he'd never hire any of them again. I hope they saw him saying that on national television and their dicks shrunk even smaller than they probably are.
still need to watch tonight's ep, but this season has my blood boiling. fuck all of the men
I hate that they made me like and completely understand Rhylee and where she comes from, but the guys on this season have been OOC jackasses the entire season. Cap’n Lee has been a bit of a dick too (don’t @ me), and when they showed him in his new abode I was completely gobsmacked at how tiny that dammn room actually is
same (about rhylee) i think she's pretty awful in general, but she in no way deserved her treatment this season
MTE on Rhylee. Ashton didn't want her from the start and has treated her like shit regardless of her behavior.
Agreed. They’re using her temper as an excuse to pile on her and treat her like shit. As if Ashton isn’t losing his temper nearly smashing a window and assaulting Kate by forcing his tongue down her throat. But it’s cool because he was drunk and doesn’t remember. And she ~disrespected his family.


2 months ago


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2 months ago

i honestly feel like rhylee's attitude comes from working with men who don't listen to her, it wasn't much different for her last season


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2 months ago

I fucking hate all the men this season. I wasn't impressed with Ashton last season but jfc, he's another level here.

I don't know how Kate kept her composure in that van, his behavior was terrifying.

And I know Rhylee has her issues but Ashton poisoned the boys against her from their first night out and has had no interest in actually being her boss. Seeing them for real "put her in her place" tonight and then fucking mock her to her face after playing nice was disheartening.

Kevin, Brian and Tanner are giant dicks. I felt no sympathy for Kevin tonight after he lied about Courtney talking shit about Brian. These boys talk all sorts of shit among each other but hold it against the girls when they do the same.

And let's be honest, Brian knew exactly what he was doing when he TEXTED Courtney about their future and when prompted said "we're having fun, right?"

I just, I rage against these guys every episode. Capt. Lee's rants on Twitter have been fairly cathartic though. But it's not enough.
mte to everything you said.

I felt so much empathy for Ashton last season after his foot got caught in the ropes and damn nearly died. But to go from last season to this one? Jesus he really exposed himself for the misogynistic sexist asshole he truly is.

I hope and pray we get a reunion because I want his ass questioned hard by Andy for his behavior. I want all of the men to get viewer questions and comments directly dragging them to their face.
There needs to be a reunion show! They deprived us of one for Mediterranean, they better deliver for us this time.


2 months ago

Yea, I can’t stand chef Kevin. Then again, most of the chefs on this show are insufferable at some point.
he's ugly as well, and i do hold that against him
As you should.
lollll his outside matches his inside. his hair is a trip. Kind of looks like a ferret with alopecia is sitting on top of his head.
honestly Rhylee's reactivity is reeeeeally something she needs to address in a professional setting. like there were moments last season when Ross asked really innocuous questions and she'd blow up. BUT that said the men this season are indeed trash and her behavior is not an excuse for Ashton being a shit boss
omg i'd never heard of this show before but my boyfriend and i watched like 3 hours of it while we were in a hotel room and it was the first time in years i've missed having cable. it felt like the sort of peak trashy reality from the late 00s early 10s to me.
it felt like the sort of peak trashy reality from the late 00s early 10s to me.

It truly is. lol.
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The men this season are a fucking disgrace. I can't stand Rhylee most of the time but I love how she won't take any of the deck guys shit. Bring back Josiah, Colin and Jack plz.
Bring back Connie!!
I hope Bravo bans Ashton from ever going on one of their shows again. HE IS SUCH A FUCKING ASSHOLE and a raging misogynist!!! He turned Tanner (who's dumb as a rock) and Brian against Rhylee. Rhylee is a total pain in the ass, don't get me wrong (i couldn't stand her last season either) but she doesn't deserve the punishments they've been doling out on her and the way they're ganging up on her. GOD.

Kate is my all time favorite - I loved seeing her on the WWHL reunion. The entire reunion was so fun (albeit too short) and seeing Kate get trashed and dealing with Rocky and then standing her ground against Andy was EVERYTHING!!

This isn't one of my fav BD seasons, but I really like Kate and Courtney!

Curious about the sailboat below deck!!!
Would u go on the Lee/Kate cruise?
I only watched one season with my sister a couple years ago

That weird girl rocky jumped off the boat and tried to swim to a different boat because she was mad or something it was so fucking funny

I thought the douchey blonde guy from that season was cute
Oh also does anyone have a gif of the girl from that season doing the weird thing with her fake teeth? If you know you know
lol I both loved and hated Rocky. I hated how she deliberately hooked up with that guy whom she knew had a girlfriend. But seeing her in that stupid mermaid costume washing up on shore and crawling around was funny.
Ashton is a POS. I don't blame Kate for almost leaving
The toxic masculinity on this season has been tough to watch. Leslie Jones’s instagram posts on the last few episodes were really cathartic (and hilarious).
It really has. I've even watched the after show clips on youtube and they clearly put the men together because they are all horrible and continue to stay horrible
this season has been tough to watch because all the men are fucking garbage except for captain lee
The men this season are killing my attraction to all men. They are the definition of toxic masculinity and a great example of what happens when groups of brus are left unchecked.

They disrespect women, take advantage of them sexually and rage when they don’t give into their demands.

Oh and for all of Rhylee’s faults, she was the victim of it too. Ashton tried to sleep with her last season and when she turned him down, that’s when he started attacking and antagonizing her. If you’re not sucking his dick, you have no value to Ashton as a woman
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