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AJ and the Queen dropped on Netflix this weekend

... and the reviews are something

Sources: [1] [2] [3]

[My thoughts:] It was awful, and the kid was mostly insufferable throughout. The highlights are the guest appearances from the queens, imo Monique and Latrice really stood out to me as the most natural and entertaining.

It's fun seeing RuPaul perform and in a different element than in Drag Race but they could have accomplished it without the child, as her inclusion makes takes the tone all over the place in a bad way.

The portrayal of blindness is incredibly offensive, but I should not be expecting nuanced humanity from the creator of 2 Broke Girls
Tags: lgbtq film / media, netflix, rupaul / drag race
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I enjoyed it. It was cute, camp and fun. It took a couple of episodes to get used to the questionable acting and weird "idk if this is supposed to be a comedy or drama show... identity crisis much?" feel the writing/producing/editing gave. It's certainly no masterpiece, but it is enjoyable if you want it to be and set your expectations accordingly.
I wasn't expecting a masterpiece but it was a fun show and I loved all the drag race cameos
I think I'm up to episode 5, but I really like it. I don't know why everyone's expecting anything amazing or totally PC. It's just drag. It's not serious.
Semi off topic, but my sister in laws are obsessed with everything to do with RP and when we all get together, it's nothing but them singing along and listening to the songs from Drag Race while myself, my husband, and my in laws sit and struggle to have a conversation.

Should I prep myself for the songs from this for our next get together?
there are only like two songs in this and they're played over and over again lol
Im enjoying it. seeing it as a drama more than a comedy. AJ is the worst though. and the user that said "tia carrere is playing tia carrere as michelle visage as tia carrere" is totally spot on and i freaking love it.
for me the drama elements are too much, like the drug addict prosititute neglectful mother underpinning is too dark and doesn't fit in with the rest of the show, which can get kinda zany and wacky
it would be better if it wasn't as uneven
im on episode 9 i think and so far i really got into it after i survived the first couple of episodes.
I'm about halfway through and I'm charmed by it, despite all of its flaws. It's really cringy that they have a seeing person playing a blind person.
I can only watch one episode at a time - no binging because I cannot stand that little AJ child. Ruby should've left that kid on the bridge. Insufferable little brat. There has been some growth in the character as the series progresses but really not enough to give that child a pass. /harsh

I love, love, love RU though so I'll be watching it all!! I also am having fun spotting the Ru girls throughout the series.
and these reviewers need to realize, it's DRAG - it's supposed to be camp, & over the top (and possibly offensive).
imo the best of the queens featured:
Jujubee! what a treat
Monique Heart
Katya did a lot with a little

the worst:
Trinity Taylor whew, she had a pretty sizable role too
Jade Jolie


January 14 2020, 19:30:08 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 19:31:46 UTC

I started this last night and binged 3-4 eps. It's not good. Ru can't act. Izzy can't act. It would've been better as a 1.5-2hr tv movie.

*edit But I did love seeing all the girls from Drag Race.
Somehow RuPaul’s acting reminded me of Jim Parsons in TBBT, the show wasn’t as bad as i expected it to be, but the kid makes it really hard to watch.
I couldn't finish the first episode, but there's a new episode of Queens who like to watch or whatever with Katya and Trixie on Netflix's youtube channel and it's amazing.
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