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AJ and the Queen dropped on Netflix this weekend

... and the reviews are something

Sources: [1] [2] [3]

[My thoughts:] It was awful, and the kid was mostly insufferable throughout. The highlights are the guest appearances from the queens, imo Monique and Latrice really stood out to me as the most natural and entertaining.

It's fun seeing RuPaul perform and in a different element than in Drag Race but they could have accomplished it without the child, as her inclusion makes takes the tone all over the place in a bad way.

The portrayal of blindness is incredibly offensive, but I should not be expecting nuanced humanity from the creator of 2 Broke Girls
Tags: lgbtq film / media, netflix, rupaul / drag race
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Haven’t watched this but I did youth theater with Josh Segarra back in the day. I had a huge crush on him lol.
he real cute and great in The Other Two
you have good taste, he's fine AF based on other pictures
He’s so cute in Sirens.
its literally just stictched together shitty drag race acting challenge rejects lmao

and tia carrere is playing tia carrere as michelle visage as tia carrere
tia carrere is playing tia carrere as michelle visage as tia carrere

and tia carrere is playing tia carrere as michelle visage as tia carrere

This low-key makes me want to see it tbh
its literally just stictched together shitty drag race acting challenge rejects lmao

Noooooooo lol. I prob wasn’t going to watch anyways but now I really don’t lol
That guy who is in the other two is cute
whatever, i'm really enjoying it.
i don’t get why this is a whole series instead of a movie
Yeah it does look obvious that this kind of premise would work better as a movie rather than an over-long series
I don't get why the episodes are an hour long. I fully expected something so campy to be 30 minutes, and went Oh.
Fuck Ru's transphobic ass
when someone said a rpdr bot wrote the script LMAO

I can’t stomach rpdr acting challenges so this whole series is a no from me
I'm just gonna watch for Josh Segarra.
I'm watching it now. I thought it was just me thinking the little girls acting was a lil distracting, lol and that's saying alot because sometimes Ru sure can chew the scenery.

It's nice seeing the Ru girls and there are some funny moments so im planning to finish it.
Josh is so hot
there was talk of a show covering Ru Pauls young life in New York (not sure if Ru would play herself or not, or if it would be more dramatic or slapstick). Is this what that project turned into, or is this different?

I would love a show of a re-imagined 1980s Ru in NY with people like Lady Bunny and such.

(if y'all haven't, this dudes Youtube channel is great! Loads of camcorder footage from dingy 1980s New York)

Bb Ru up to like the turn of the century vh1 talk show was soooo adorable!! Like on some Big Bird or Mr. Rogers universally loveable, upbeat shit. I miss that Rupaul, though I get that it could do a number on a person to perform that kind of positivity for any number of years.
i believe that's a separate project developed by JJ Abrams of all people, set at Hulu

but there's little news/movement from it
I thought the episodes would be half hour since it's a comedy. But they are hour long. Bye!
I feel asleep during the first episode and never looked back. The acting of Ru was so distracting and the episodes are too long
lol i saw this pop up on my recs, i’ll probs watch it eventually but also wtf is this plot
Reviews are pretty mixed, and I wasn’t expecting it to be a stellar piece of work. The serious episode intros were fucking bizarre. They felt so out of place.

The little girl got better as the show progressed. RuPaul was the weak spot - he’s not an actor, and he was too fucking sagely. His scenes in drag were definitely his best.

Tia and Josh were great. Josh is just...blazing hot. All those mesh shirts with his furry body showing through...🤤
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