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AJ and the Queen dropped on Netflix this weekend

... and the reviews are something

Sources: [1] [2] [3]

[My thoughts:] It was awful, and the kid was mostly insufferable throughout. The highlights are the guest appearances from the queens, imo Monique and Latrice really stood out to me as the most natural and entertaining.

It's fun seeing RuPaul perform and in a different element than in Drag Race but they could have accomplished it without the child, as her inclusion makes takes the tone all over the place in a bad way.

The portrayal of blindness is incredibly offensive, but I should not be expecting nuanced humanity from the creator of 2 Broke Girls
Tags: lgbtq film / media, netflix, rupaul / drag race

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Granted I didn't even finish the first episode, but it's like writers responsible for the worst skits on RPDR decided it was a good idea to make an entire show.
you joke but that's probably what happened LOL
there are so many talented writers out there it makes me sad when crap like this gets made
Oh god that sounds like hell, I hate the skits on rpdr so much


January 16 2020, 14:59:53 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 16 2020, 15:00:10 UTC

jesus christ i'm not watching then. these skits are one of the reasons i'm losing interest in the show
I heard it's really bad , but the blind drag queen steals the show.
i only made it through the first episode but yeah he was the only highlight
I felt like it was a throwback to movies like from the 1980s so I see the camp and I kinda liked it for that.

I could've done without the problematic parts like the ableism.
😬 that bad huh
It's a little bit depressing and the writing is.... well.

I love seeing all the Drag Racers in parts.

I LOVE seeing RuPaul performing in drag again- it's the best part of the show!
There was absolutely zero originality.
yikes. netflix's famous freedom and responsibility gonna give this show the freedom to be canceled.
shoulda be katya

Katya would work in this show but she'd be great in something Lady Dynamite-esque
I could definitely see that for her lol
The episodes are too long.
i've only seen the pilot, so maybe i have shit taste... but i really enjoyed it from what i saw.
Campy at best, but I liked it. Katya, Jinkx and Monique were my favorites.
Josh is so cute. Thats all I have to add.
The young actress is not good.. it's distracting
That's one criticism I agree with. She's very OTT and distracting.
MTE. She's not likable at all.
all i will say is Josh Segarra is very fine
his body is so hot
I enjoyed it well enough, I like the idea of a queen going cross country and Ru was genuinely a lot of fun. Having former contestants from the show turning up as drag queens she meets on the way was inspired casting and lead to some great moments (Latrice and Monique were a fierce combo, the trio of bitchy queens was perfect, Chad's storyline was great, Ginger showed her comedy chops off). Heck, I'd of even been down with the blind drag queen if they actually hired a blind person because there's something about the idea of a blind drag queen that's kind of fascinating, I wish they'd thought it through more. The big problem with the series was AJ. That kid was irritating, had no growth of any kind and was just generally not a good actor. Didn't even need to start off as a nice character, but the fact that AJ remained the same angry irritating asshole the entire time... god damn, that almost killed it for me
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