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Joaquin Phoenix Reveals How Brother River's Death Impacted Him in Rare Interview

Joaquin Phoenix sat down with Anderson Cooper for a rare interview on 60 Minutes where he talked about his brother’s death back in 1993.

River was only 23 when he died of a drug overdose outside of The Viper Room in 1993. Joaquin was 19 and he with his brother at the time.

Joaquin was also joined by his entire family and they discussed the effect River's passing has had on them. Joaquin talks about how invasive the press was and how it impacted the family's grief process.

Joaquin told Anderson that it was River who introduced him to acting and that he feels River's death has impacted his all of his movies.

“I feel like in virtually every movie that I made, there was a connection to River in some way,” Joaquin said. “And I think that we’ve all felt his presence and guidance in our lives in numerous ways.”

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It’s so weird seeing the dude who was all “awards are bullshit” tap dancing for the academy


January 14 2020, 06:16:04 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 06:19:02 UTC

There was an ONTD post a long time ago about river and he told an interviewer that when he was young he had a dream about his future wife, and when he woke up he drew a picture of what she looked like and kept it in his wallet so that if he ever saw her on the street he would know it was her.

I always thought that was such a beautiful story and whenever hes mentioned I think about that. :(
that's so cute :(((
I know we generally don't like Joaquin around these parts (I mean, for good reason) but I honestly find it amazing that he's even a semi functional human being, growing up in a fucking child sex cult and then losing his brother in such horrific circumstances, both the actual death and the media afterwards.
Y’all are so weird... he’s been nominated for Oscars before, it’s more likely that he’s just in a place now where he feels a bit more comfortable discussing River for whatever reason.
That's a lot of siblings. Wonder if he has contact with the other two.

Also, the fact that he's now doing interviews about River when he's been quiet for so long might be because of the Oscars.. but it might also be because he's more content now? I dunno..he seems more "open" now that he's with Rooney ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
He wants that Oscar so bad, while also trying to act like he’s above it all lol
My mom watched Joker last night and loved it. Shameful.

Well that broke my heart a little bit.
my husband lost his youngest brother almost 15 years ago and this past year his sister to cancer, they once were 4 and are now two, seeing my family go thru this again has been horrible, i don't with it on anyone
Ok, so he REALLY wants the Oscar...
this made me sad. i was too young to know what was going on (9 years old) or watch his movies but growing up in LA it was impossible not to know about the Viper Room and his death
i really want to watch this, but i'm not in the mood to cry and then spend the next few days depressed af.
Thank the parents for fucking River and Joaquin (and the rest) up so badly. Father's dead now and mother is still pretending she's a great person.
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