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MLB hammers Astros in cheating scandal; fined $5 million & will lose draft picks

Major League Baseball issued harsh penalties against the Houston Astros on Monday after a lengthy investigation into the team's use of technology to steal signs. The sanctions included one-year suspensions for Astros manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow as well as a $5 million fine and the loss of future draft picks.

Shortly after the sanctions were announced, the Astros fired both Hinch and Luhnow.

-Manager A.J. Hinch suspended for one year. Hinch was then fired by the Astros.
-GM Jeff Luhnow suspended for one year. Luhnow was then fired by the Astros
-Former assistant GM Brandon Taubman suspended one year.
-Astros forfeit their first- and second- round draft picks the next two years.
-Astros fined $5 million, the maximum allowed under MLB's constitution.

Sources; The LA Times tweet CBS Sports
Tags: scandal, sports / athletes - baseball
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I think the players that participated should face some consequences too.
same but I was reading about why players aren't being suspended and many believe it's because of the player's union (MLBPA), which to me is dumb.
it's probably because of the union. i wouldn't be surprised if a strike is on the horizon anyway
Yeah I was going to add in that it’s probably bc of the players union they didn’t come down on the players. Any punishment given to them can be appealed which can delay the actual punishment, like when they get in to fights during a game and suspensions are dished out, players appeal and still get to play until it’s heard.
Google says

In 2019, the franchise had an estimated value of 1.8 billion U.S. dollars.

lol @ 5 million
the draft picks are the bigger penalty than the fine, but agree that it's weaksauce
Manfred was never going to bring the hammer down on these fucking cheaters really and the Red Sox will get off easy too because they're a marquis franchise. At least Red Sox fans can console themselves with the fact that this isn't their only franchise World Series ever, Astros fans have to cope with the fact that their only championship ever was ill-gotten

and justice for Yu Darvish tbh because the Astros blamed him for tipping pitches when he never believed he was tipping pitches and he studied his videos with his coach and they could never figure out what his "tell" supposedly was and all along they were fucking stealing his signs. smfh.
Now I feel bad that I rooted for Houston that year because I was upset of LA beating us lol.

But man I felt so bad for Yu since they were calling him a 'mental case' and many other mean things. But now we know that Houston was cheating the whole time.
I know, poor Yu took so much abuse and shit for that World Series and I think it really got to him. He seems like such a doll and I'm glad he's our ace now. Have you seen his cooking videos he's doing now in the offseason? omg they're so cute.


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Gotdamnit. That WS run was the one thing that kept us going through Harvey and they fucking did this.
A $5 million fine that's peanuts. And they only lose two draft picks that's not that harsh of a punishment. The harsher penalty would have been to take away their international money for a few years.

Also I can't at this:
I was so pissed at the astros in 2017 (cause they ebat the yankees..) and hated how Yu Darvis was treated!
Granted I am a baseball novice so I thought maybe he was slipping up his pitches, but also felt maybe the MLB federation let them win because of Harvey.

But then in 2019, my contempt for them intensified
when cause they went against the yankees and they reported them whistling to tip off the pitches.

Seeing their cheating exposed, they were so fucking dumb! How you gonna make banging sounds and not realize the pitchers can realize something isn't going on?!

Either way, Im so glad the Nats beat their asses and their only WS win will be tied to cheating!!

Seeing sad altuve memes made my night!

What a shit organization. Only manage one WS win and you have to cheat. Losers lol. I’d be so embarrassed to be a Astros fan
this feels more than pathetic, esp bc there is precedent (in other sports) to strip wins / titles if they were gained through cheating.
fucking hell astros wtf. so much for Houston winning the ws
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