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MLB hammers Astros in cheating scandal; fined $5 million & will lose draft picks

Major League Baseball issued harsh penalties against the Houston Astros on Monday after a lengthy investigation into the team's use of technology to steal signs. The sanctions included one-year suspensions for Astros manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow as well as a $5 million fine and the loss of future draft picks.

Shortly after the sanctions were announced, the Astros fired both Hinch and Luhnow.

-Manager A.J. Hinch suspended for one year. Hinch was then fired by the Astros.
-GM Jeff Luhnow suspended for one year. Luhnow was then fired by the Astros
-Former assistant GM Brandon Taubman suspended one year.
-Astros forfeit their first- and second- round draft picks the next two years.
-Astros fined $5 million, the maximum allowed under MLB's constitution.

Sources; The LA Times tweet CBS Sports
Tags: scandal, sports / athletes - baseball
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No it's basically nothing in terms of punishment. It's a fucking joke. MLB should have stripped their titles.
I wish they could strip their titles but I knew the commissioner wouldn't do that. Never in North American professional sports have a team punishment been to strip their titles. That only happens in college and doubt we'll ever see it happen. No commissioner wants to have that over their head.
As you said - they can but they don't want to. And that's the problem. If they have to cheat to get to the championship and then cheat again to win the championship, they didn't earn shit. Hell they had to cheat to win and it still took them 7 games, they didn't earn shit.

yep. Teams are going to continue to do this and now it looks like Alex Cora brought this cheating to Boston with him in 2018


2 months ago

The hammer is going to fall on Cora and I will laugh hysterically.

As far as I'm concerned it's karma for seeing the orange klansman at the white house.
he didn’t go tho smh this karma should be hitting literally anyone else
cora didn't go it was right after maria hit pr and he was like this fucker isnt helping my people i'm not going to help his pr, but more polite. anyway I hope he gets shitcanned his 'players manager' bullshit backfired on him real quick
Cora is Puerto Rican. He didn’t even sign on to the Red Sox without making them agree to send planes of supplies to Puerto Rico. He did NOT go to the White House to meet trump.
OP - may want to change the spelling of "lose" in the title. :)
*sigh* You try to proofread.
I know nothing about baseball, how did they use technology to steal signs?
They were using cameras to see what the other teams were using for signs. People in a back room somewhere figuring out what the signs meant, then they'd send someone out to bang on a trashcan near the dugout. The "bangs" were a code that would tell the players what to do. It's some crazy stuff. I don't care about sports in general, but I live in Houston and it's the only thing that exists today...
oh damn. lol when's the movie about this gonna get made? i'll watch


2 months ago

They don't care about the Texans game from yesterday?


2 months ago


2 months ago

$5 million? That's the maximum? For some players, that's not even half a season, I bet.
the Patriots of baseball?
MTE. And then the pitching coach (or someone like that) went to the Boston Red Sox who then won the world series the next year.
Alex Cora was the bench coach then he went to Boston
5 mil is nothing....
Is anyone watching this Clemson LSU game?

i am, my bf just made me watch joe burrow's heisman speech
the sox have a bunch of events later this week that alex is scheduled to be at and I love him and all but this ain’t looking good for him and I think he should just step down as manager now :((

and im 100% on board with jason varitek becoming manager that would be dope
varitek or lowell and i'd be so happy tbh
I would love Varitek! I still love watching the video of him snuffing Arod
lmao Cora is fucked

I love how everyone is pointing fingers. "The players came up with it, and AJ Hinch smashed the tvs, but he never said to stop, and actually it was distracting and didn't help so please don't question the WS we won while cheating :( :( :("
Oh look, just another reason for me to hate the Astros
It's what they deserve. I hope they throw the book at Cora!

/salty Dodgers fan
Dodgers fans have to be the most pissed

Yankees fans too but lmfao who cares about them and their lives tbh
lmao we have been v salty in the Dodgers subreddit.

I just want to lay down and like listen to Evanescence or something. Baseball is pain.


2 months ago

mte this is bullshit
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I wish they were more harsher with penalties. They need to lose most if not all of their international money along with their draft picks. Ever since this has been exposed, I can never see Altuve, Bregman (couldn't stand before this lol), Springer, Yuli (another person I can stand) and many others same. Alutve was Hall of Fame bound before the cheating started, so he might not get in when he's up (a la Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and majority in the steroid era).
mte Javi :/ my heart will break if it comes out the Cubs did this in 2016 like it would kill me inside
same but since they been shit since their World Series, I don't think people suspect them of cheating.


2 months ago

IA they need to lose all of their international money for a few years too. The players you listed and for me Marisnick are all the Astros I dislike so this just gave me more reason to dislike them.


2 months ago


2 months ago

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