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Adult film star Kaleb Stryker is asking Shawn Mendes for permission to play him in a XXX parody film

Men.com recently revealed that Shawn Mendes was the most searched name on its website in 2019. And thus, adult film star and Shawn “look-alike” Kaleb Stryker is asking Mendes directly for permission to play him in a XXX parody video on its website.

“Even though [Mendes] is obviously not featured in any Men videos, our members took it upon themselves to verify that fact by entering his name in the Men.com search bar,” a studio representative explained in an official statement.

“Kaleb was intrigued by the idea of developing and starring in a Shawn Mendes porn parody, guitar and all, truly giving our members what they want!”

“I just found out my look-alike Shawn Mendes is the most popular search on Men.com in 2019, so that means I’m not the only one crushing on him,” says Stryker in a Men video posted to YouTube. “So, Shawn, what do you say we give the people what they want? If you’re cool with it, I can play you as a role on Men.com, and we can make everyone’s fantasies come true. So what do you think?”

In 2016, the adult film website released a Bieber parody starring Johnny Rapid after the studio publicly offered the Biebs $2 million to star in a video himself.

Kaleb Styker as Shawn MendeXXX

This list is qwhite interesting...

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