syphilisdiller (syphilisdiller) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Bachelor: The women are not Hannah B fans

They didn't like it when she showed up the first time, and they really aren't liking her second appearance.


Tags: discussion, live viewing post, reality show, television - abc, television promo / stills, the bachelor / bachelorette (abc), true love / love is dead, who asked for this
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I kinda like Victoria F. I need these techniques lol
Find some married friends.
Biiiitchhhh 😂😂😂😂
I feel they still would work on single men. I could test them on married men lol
the drama queen we deserve.


1 week ago

Hannah Ann is so obnoxious to me.
agree 100%
yas, i'm stanning this melodramatic crying homewrecker! go, victoria f!
there has been.... SO much crying and its been 2 episdoes
Damn, I wish they would at least pretend to keep Harley's harlequin theme. She just looks like a Coachella stripper e-girl.
does anyone watch the good doctor? i've never not been annoyed by their promos
were they drinking tequila?
Lol, she didn't have a hard time making herself the center of attentionl
She's so full of it. Creepy.
I appreciate the effort in this fanfic Victoria F is spinning about herself.
She is this season’s Nicole
if i was the bachelor/bachelorette i would not be interested in dealing with emotions for at least the 1st 3 weeks
I think it makes people like Peter feel good. He has to know all of these women wanted Tyler. It has to be validating to him.
oh, i know the guys loooooovvvve it

they can turn into the big strong man
Lmao! Peter is eating this up. Men are so dumb.
no lie
i want you to seeeeee me

i was on stage in lingerie and just like soOOoOO uncomfortable and you just dont see meeeeee. im so different than all these other girls. :( :(
Lmao, right?!? He is suuuch a dumbass.
Guys I’m behind on my spoilers and gossip! Why is Victoria messy? I’m kind of liking her right now despite the fact she obviously full of shit haha
she's hooked up with like 4 of her friend's husbands

No way!!!! Lmaooooo
Girl... [spoiler]She allegedly cheated with four of her married friends' husbands


1 week ago


1 week ago

She slept with 4 of her friends’ husbands and broke up their marriages. She was even at some of the weddings... allegedly.
I hope he feels dumb watching how dumb he is.
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