syphilisdiller (syphilisdiller) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Bachelor: The women are not Hannah B fans

They didn't like it when she showed up the first time, and they really aren't liking her second appearance.


Tags: discussion, live viewing post, reality show, television - abc, television promo / stills, the bachelor / bachelorette (abc), true love / love is dead, who asked for this
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Tyler would look so much better on that runway.
I LOVE that Alexa is rocking her glasses.
a wedding dress? really hannah ann? tackkkkyyyyyyy!
what was that outfit with the leopard print boots. hannah's outfit is so cringey
my personality is bride
I'm not feeling these "looks" and revolve has cute clothes
who is the first girl who has come out each time? I like her style a lot.
Mackenna? Do you like huge denim sleeves?
two things - i read this in ross' voice and no haha I meant the african american woman who had the jacket on with like the gold bra
I feel like Hannah ann wants to be the next Courteney R. and that ain’t gonna happen.
she couldnt shine her shoes
lol she just brought out a bottle and handed it to him
kelsey needs to go on bachelor in paradise, just so her opening credits clip will be something with a champagne bottle lol
You just knew she would.
Victoria may be an evil genius
Lmao! Right?! No wonder all those married assholes have fallen for that act.
It's pretty scary tbh
It's honestly wild
Lmao! Sis. She is not shy at.all. Such an act.
she just blossomed before our eyes!
how did hannah's style win this. how. both outfits were atrocious.
its very 2019 unfortunately. weird colour combinations, ugly hats
very unfortunate indeed
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