syphilisdiller (syphilisdiller) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Bachelor: The women are not Hannah B fans

They didn't like it when she showed up the first time, and they really aren't liking her second appearance.


Tags: discussion, live viewing post, reality show, television - abc, television promo / stills, the bachelor / bachelorette (abc), true love / love is dead, who asked for this
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What did I miss?? Who got eliminated?
I couldn’t name any of them if my life depended on it. 🙃
Victoria F’s edit. 😂😂
I am SCREAMINGGGG considering all the tea on her. 😂😂😂
victoria P claiming to be meek and shy is hillllllllarious
agreed. maybe its part of her schtick and how she does what she does?
you mean victoria F? the girl with black hair who allegedly [spoiler]banged her friends' husbands?
Yes. 4 of them.... allegedly


1 week ago


1 week ago

yeh thats why there cant be more than one name on this show bc i dont remember the initial
Janice Dickinson is fucking vile.
"the world's first supermodel" lolll
Lololol revolve just going on the damn show that sponsors revert former contestant’s lifestyle. 😂
Good for revolve lol. They know their market
idg the love for revolve.
They know it’s their future.
I know someone who worked for them and she left the industry cause they traumatized her so much
i would love this date only cause i love fashion, this is something i'd really want to win
That hat is definitely not bringing any form of sass.
pageboy realness
i want the clothes more than peter.


January 14 2020, 02:17:18 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 02:19:36 UTC

the "revolve fashion show" sounds like it should be in a rhonj ep
I do like Victoria F.'s dress. I've been wanting a polka dot dress that doesn't make me look like a child.
So Victoria is clearly not used to having to compete for a guy’s attention then.
lol those girls are geeking over these clothes
i love this meme
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