syphilisdiller (syphilisdiller) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Bachelor: The women are not Hannah B fans

They didn't like it when she showed up the first time, and they really aren't liking her second appearance.


Tags: discussion, live viewing post, reality show, television - abc, television promo / stills, the bachelor / bachelorette (abc), true love / love is dead, who asked for this
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well that was a fucking waste of time

actually, kelsey will be more off her rocker now, so...well done
'i had no problem with her until she did what she did.'

'i dont like her'


uh.. because...of... reasons
WHY are they still crying over this!?!
it's des moines champagne!!!!!!
VINTAGE Des Moines champagne
i hope demi steals a couple of the girls
I see Vitoria F going for it.
Who are ur top picks right now?? I think it will be Victoria P, with Madison or Hannah Ann as his second/third.
Kelly was MIA af this episode.
alexa(?) is really pretty

i mean she's 100% getting eliminated soon but you deserve better girl
They're going to Chile this season. I'm jealous, I want to ski in the Andes
If it makes you feel any better, maybe Peter got to ski there. I really doubt a single one of the girls got to do anything cool there
It kinda does make me feel better. Thanks lol
Damn he's going to fuck so many girls. That is obviously going to get messy.
lol HOW are they still talking about the champagne bottle
I'm so intrigued by what happens this season. Also - who was he in the bathroom with the frosted glass door with?
victoria f
I cannot believe the main drama storyline is over fucking champagne lmao.

Yas @ Demi
Just here for the A+ gif!
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