syphilisdiller (syphilisdiller) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Bachelor: The women are not Hannah B fans

They didn't like it when she showed up the first time, and they really aren't liking her second appearance.


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Y’all have fun tonight! I have a game to watch :) I’ll catch up tomorrow tho
i watched early last week and missed shooting the shit with y'all

none of these girls are really standing out for good reasons, but i mean.. i watch for the trash
Oh my gosh. I had a late night dissertation on why quality of girls suck now an hour after the show ended last week. 😂
i wish peter did literally anything for me
he does nothing for me either. i can objectively say he's cute. he seems sweet. but like..... nothing.


2 months ago

I did a rewatch of last week. Kind of buying that being a pilot is hot.
i do love how the question was 'join the house' bc that way, he still gets to be the bachelor... not... lets leave together bc we've already done this
Right?! He clearly wasn’t as broken up about it, lbr.
I mean, ABC wants a new season. And I do, too.
they could have easily swapped Peter out with anyone else
That’s because he was 3rd. He may give hannah a chance down the road on his terms.


2 months ago


January 14 2020, 01:02:19 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 01:03:44 UTC

hannah better be coming back to be a full-blown contestant at this point

that's the drama i deserve
I think they should just be together.
ia i actually think they're a really good fit

she's the ~bold~ girl he wants can do better. You could do better than anyone who was on your season tbh.
eh, i dont really believe that. she was still super into Luke P for the majority of her season so her desires are questionable. she aint perfect
They gonna have breakup sex
Man if I was Peter’s F1 and saw this I would not be happy.
If these girls don’t see them sitting like that and making out I’m gonna be annoyed. We need drama!!
i wish there was a curtain, and they could see the silhouettes
just fuck
If only Tyler C had been bachelor. These southern girls would be so cute with him.
i'm holding out hope for him being it next season, he's not riding on the gigi high anymore, so i bet he would take it in a heartbeat
He hooked up with one of Kylie Jenner's instathot friends, didn't he?


2 months ago


2 months ago

Kinda disappointed. Hannah ruined her makeup and we got no drama lol
Well just like sex in a windmill, that was probably a letdown.
did he just repeat himself twice in a row?
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