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Baby Yoda’s price tag? Very expensive.

*While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, TV actor and known Baby Yoda puncher Adam Pally dropped a tidbit of knowledge on how many dollar bills you’ll need to build your own Baby Yoda.

*Pally describes acting in the scene where he decided to close his heart to humanity forever and punch the tiny frog lover. He took a pretty big swing at the bag (which actually contained the Baby Yoda puppet)and was then informed by series creator Jon Favreau of the the hefty price tag of the world’s adopted tiny green son.

* “They called ‘cut’ and Jon, who was watching on a monitor in his office, came down and said, ‘I just want to let you know that this is the hero and it costs, like, $5 million. So while I want you to hit it, I just want you to know that.’”

*Suddenly, paying $25 for a vinyl Baby Yoda is a bargain.

Tags: disney, eat the rich, star wars, the mandalorian (disney+)
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"Ya'll Disney, you got money." *hits it harder*
Your icon is so cute it makes me wanna scream
Thank you! He's an angel <3
I seriously think that Baby Yoda is the cutest thing in the history of the universe EVAR!


2 months ago

So he costs as much as an actual baby in the US
shit and this whole time I thought Laura Dern was his sugar mama
i want her to be mine too
His little baby teef 😪😭

Suspended comment

i HATE how messy these girls were in comparison to little mix (if you put general problematicness aside and focus on performance/how they liked e/o) bc they had so many bops n music i liked more 😭
i hated how this song was the one that led them to blow up because they had two 17 year olds singing about liking it rough, not too much, but just enough, like the optics were so bad and it was such a stark difference to the bubblegum pop sound from like literally the single before this one (or two before? sledgehammer)
This Gizmo wannabe.
I may be drunk or at least tipsy and I CANNOT believe I didn't see it before your comment.
bbyoda is bigger but they're pretty similar with the egg face and the ears
Why even put the puppet in there if you want the actors to punch it. Still that’s like pocket change for Disney.

Also Mods: posts like these are why we desperately need a Adam Pally tag even tho my request in the tag post was suspiciously ignored.
Username seems relevant....

I loved your work in the Mindy Project!
Baby Yoda wants to do all his own stunts?
By saying it's the hero puppet, Favreau basically implies that there is only one. If Pally damaged it, it would have delayed shooting and that's where costs really blow up.
I creep a few Disneyland influencers so god help everyone once the merch hits all the parks. And there will probably be bb Yoda food too, etc.

Trader Sam's already has a secret baby yoda cocktail (at least at Disneyland).
I'm gonna hope he meant that it cost $5 million in the sense that if the puppet is damaged the time it would take to create another, including delaying production. Otherwise, I can't fathom Baby Yoda costing a literal $5 million.

I haven’t watched this show, but I thought Jason Sudeikis punched him?
He gets hit by two different stormtroppers/actors during the scene.
I have never wished swift death on two fictional characters so intensely in my life.
Why is everyone abusing this child? 😂


2 months ago

Sudekis smacked him in the head twice, Pally straight up sucker punched him.
First Sudeikis punched him in the bag because he was making noise, then Pally wanted to see it so he looked in the bag under the guise of checking to see if he was OK. He was poking Baby Yoda’s face and Baby Yoda bit his finger so he punched Baby Yoda really hard.
Adam Pally punched him too but Sudeikis got all the credit
C2E2's coming up next month I'm going to safely assume Baby Yoda cosplay will be the new Deadpool in that at least 1/3 of everyone will think they're the first to hop on the bandwagon
I dressed my then-10 month old up as Yoda for Halloween 2 weeks before The Mandalorian dropped. Psychic Star Wars hipster right here, I tell you what. :P
The truest meme ever memed:

lol I love these memes so much.
rotflmao omg i love this one.
LOL I love this meme
Lmao I always call the show “baby yoda” and I know some people get annoyed but who cares! It’s the baby yoda show
An article I read today called it “Baby Yoda’s Infant Adventures” and I’m like yup that’s the title from now on! LOL!
This is the way
Oh, man, I never saw this one. I LOVE IT!
HAHAHAHAH this is my favourite
I've never seen this! Thank you!


January 14 2020, 00:45:11 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 00:45:37 UTC

you can just feel that baby yoda knows EXACTLY how much he is worth


January 14 2020, 00:47:11 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 00:47:58 UTC

I don't even care, Baby Yoda is, as some people have said, serotonin to inject into my brain. I love that little guy, and I don't even care. Just looking at pictures him doing whatever, makes me happier, and I need more happiness in my life right now. So again, I don't care.
I feel the same way, he’s just so cute I can’t stand it, how can something be so adorable? His little teeth, those big eyes, the tiny little hands, I die 😭
Ugh, the teeth kill me. You hardly ever see them in the show but when you do it’s like aaaaaaaaaaah.
I almost lose it every time you see his little feet! He's pure joy
same. I loathe everything Star Wars and I still sat through this show for him
same, he's perfect
Same, I squee out loud all the time which isn’t like me lol

Or I’ll anticipate the cute things he is going to do and then he does them and i die
i tear up when i think about him lmao but also i have my period rn so
Same. My heart feels happier when I see Baby Yoda. I’ve never been so delighted by a character and it’s a welcome feeling with all this bad stuff going on.

Disney+ still ain’t getting my money though.
So I'm not into Star Wars and Baby Yoda is the only reason I'd consider watching The Mandalorian. It there enough Baby Yoda for it to be worth watching?


2 months ago

I was surprised how much I liked the show! I liked the original Star Wars movies but was very lukewarm about the newer ones.
THIS. x10000000
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