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NikkieTutorials: “I’m coming out”

“I was born in the wrong body, which means that I am transgender”

- says she’s wanted to talk about it for a while but could never figure out when the best time to do it would be.
- some people tried to blackmail her, which is what finally forced her hand.
- at the age of 6 grew her hair out and by 7/8 wore “girls clothes only”. Her mum was extra supportive, so were her teachers. Basically says that kids will be kids, which can give you an idea about some of her classmates’ reactions I guess.
- started taking hormones and “growth stoppers” at age 14. Had fully transitioned by age 19 (while already being a youtuber)
- talks about her fiancé, and how she waited to reveal this information and how she wishes she’d told him sooner. “At the point where I told him my full story, of course he was shocked, but that is a private matter that we’re dealing with, and that I’m so proud of, that we’re able to deal with”. Refers to her fiancé as special, kind-hearted, strong and inspiring.
- says that if you are in the same situation as her, and have fallen in love with someone, you have to tell them, that “it’s what they deserve”. “The sooner, the better”, she continues, but not until you feel you’re in good, safe hands.
- has a special message for those who tried to blackmail her.
- says she’s still the same person, she’s still Nikkie.

Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities, lgbtq / rights
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I am legit shocked. Had no idea. I’ve always liked Nikkie more than other gurus. She seems pleasant.

Deleted comment

wow it's disgusting that she had to out herself due to blackmail

nonetheless, she's the only beauty youtuber that i genuinely like and even watch/subscribe to. i'm glad people around her are supportive and keeping her strong!
blackmail is a disgusting and low act.

I hope she has a delightful future ahead of her
Did anyone see what the sister of the owner of Too Faced had as their bio? Pretty certain they were the blackmailers, not Jeffree like everyone is assuming.
what's it say?
“Transgender huh? That’s not the only thing she’s been LYING about.”

Followed by some emojis.... I might have a few words off but that was basically it.
what did they say?


1 month ago

that’s messed up, I know there is bad blood between them after they did a makeup collab together.
wow, all that bad blood on their end because of a subpar collab? mess.
Jesus Christ
this was a really powerful video, good on her.
i don't really follow beauty youtube but knew about her. i feel sorry that she had to come out because of being blackmailed.
sucks she was blackmailed into this. I wonder how they found out
TERFy ONTD must be asleep today, dang.
Eh...I mean, she's not claiming to be a biological female, she's just saying she was born in the wrong body.

And none of the "TERF"-y members are going to endorse blackmail because that's universally shitty.
It's almost as if feminists have issues with aspects of trans activism and ideology, rather than with trans people in general.
Her video popped up on youtube for me and I saw the picture, assumed she was announcing she was a lesbian or bisexual. Did not expect transgender.

Good for her.
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