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NikkieTutorials: “I’m coming out”

“I was born in the wrong body, which means that I am transgender”

- says she’s wanted to talk about it for a while but could never figure out when the best time to do it would be.
- some people tried to blackmail her, which is what finally forced her hand.
- at the age of 6 grew her hair out and by 7/8 wore “girls clothes only”. Her mum was extra supportive, so were her teachers. Basically says that kids will be kids, which can give you an idea about some of her classmates’ reactions I guess.
- started taking hormones and “growth stoppers” at age 14. Had fully transitioned by age 19 (while already being a youtuber)
- talks about her fiancé, and how she waited to reveal this information and how she wishes she’d told him sooner. “At the point where I told him my full story, of course he was shocked, but that is a private matter that we’re dealing with, and that I’m so proud of, that we’re able to deal with”. Refers to her fiancé as special, kind-hearted, strong and inspiring.
- says that if you are in the same situation as her, and have fallen in love with someone, you have to tell them, that “it’s what they deserve”. “The sooner, the better”, she continues, but not until you feel you’re in good, safe hands.
- has a special message for those who tried to blackmail her.
- says she’s still the same person, she’s still Nikkie.

Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities, lgbtq / rights
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it's awful that she was blackmailed but it's pretty amazing to have someone come out after amassing such a big platform.
I don't know her that well because I don't really follow beautube, but I always loved that she was a confident bigger girl looking fly as fuck. God this is awful though. At least she seems to be in a place that career wise, and emotionally, will support her truth being public.
i'm happy the community has been so accepting so far, i hope it's a big weight lifted from her shoulders! fucking awful that she had to be blackmailed though. the petty bitch in me wishes she would've exposed their names...
SHOOK. AF. fuck whoever forced this though jfc. evil.
This makes me want to cry. People can be so fucking awful.


January 14 2020, 00:56:46 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 00:58:28 UTC

Im actually shook lol woah

But under the circumstances I'm glad she was brave enough to do this and I hope the blackmailers get fucked, what an awful thing to do
I hope she is doing ok and isn't just putting on a brave face, she must have been terrified to know her privacy was being exposed like that.
I honestly can’t believe it...7 pages in and no one misgendered her? Or used they/them pronouns? (Not remotely slick, btw, the intent is the same). Is this....progress?? 🤞🏽
I was scrolling back through ONTD and saw so many comments and I am shocked...nothing outlandishly transphobic? This is probably the best Trans related post we’ve had in a while.
Wow that's great. I was worried the terfs would be in here
I think they tired themselves out in the Janelle Monae post
I was expecting discourse about "girly clothes" lol im pleasantly surprised
Fuck the blackmailers. She's so brave.
Like everyone said it sucks she was gonna be blackmailed but proud of her for taking her power back and still coming out on her own terms

This is a big deal for the beauty community bc she is so high profile. I hope some people are open to changing their views on trans people bc of it
no clue who she is but good for her living her best life in spite of the blackmailers (may they rot)
Kinda interesting how many people seem to be jumping to the conclusion that she "tricked" or "lead on" her now-fiancé when what she said was intentionally vague about how/when she told him. She made it clear they wanted it private between them and didn't feel it was our business to know, why do so many commenters seem to disagree and seem to want to decide that she only told him now or post-engagement? Picking apart her words to try and find a reason to accuse her of not telling him before sex or before engagement or before the blackmailer... Y'all realize we actually have no legitimate reason to act like she's done that? She said it was private and it is, we have no details about that because it's not our damned business.

Maybe spend some time thinking about why your first instinct was to do some presumptuous mental gymnastics in order to have a reason to criticize her, and why you automatically seem to assume that she was intentionally deceiving her partner as a default assumption.

Also I hope the blackmailer falls into Crater Lake and can't get out.
Honestly with HOW private she's tried to be with Dylan and now knowing this about her it makes me think she told him awhile back. Maybe this is just hindsight but I feel like there was a period where she didn't really talk about Dylan much and then she began bringing him up again
I am honestly surprised, mostly because I remember she was getting lowkey criticism for being a woman appropriating drag slang & elements of lgbtq culture (culled from black women) so the revelation that she is in fact a part of the community is wild
idk why i thought this was about trisha paytas for some reason????? and was stunned the comments were so nice and positive
I cried

I'm happy for her but also mad for what she had to deal with. these blackmailers can rot in hell
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