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NikkieTutorials: “I’m coming out”

“I was born in the wrong body, which means that I am transgender”

- says she’s wanted to talk about it for a while but could never figure out when the best time to do it would be.
- some people tried to blackmail her, which is what finally forced her hand.
- at the age of 6 grew her hair out and by 7/8 wore “girls clothes only”. Her mum was extra supportive, so were her teachers. Basically says that kids will be kids, which can give you an idea about some of her classmates’ reactions I guess.
- started taking hormones and “growth stoppers” at age 14. Had fully transitioned by age 19 (while already being a youtuber)
- talks about her fiancé, and how she waited to reveal this information and how she wishes she’d told him sooner. “At the point where I told him my full story, of course he was shocked, but that is a private matter that we’re dealing with, and that I’m so proud of, that we’re able to deal with”. Refers to her fiancé as special, kind-hearted, strong and inspiring.
- says that if you are in the same situation as her, and have fallen in love with someone, you have to tell them, that “it’s what they deserve”. “The sooner, the better”, she continues, but not until you feel you’re in good, safe hands.
- has a special message for those who tried to blackmail her.
- says she’s still the same person, she’s still Nikkie.

Tags: beauty / makeup, internet celebrities, lgbtq / rights
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Bless this woman. Fuck whoever was blackmailing her
WOW!!! I’m genuinely shocked. That’s amazing. And.... she had to come out because of blackmail? That’s disheartening omg :(((. Gawsh. I hope everything works out okay for her! Sending love and good vibes, sis
I love your pfp!
All of this!
ontd transphobes - don’t fucking engage with this post
It's fucking awful that she was blackmailed into it and didn't decide it for herself. But I'm happy that she has such a great support system. That's the most important thing.
i know people here aren't really fans of beauty youtubers, but i've always liked her. its horrible that she was forced to reveal such private info to the internet under such circumstances, but i'm glad she's getting so much positive support.
i like her too, she seems so normal compared to her famewhore-peers
I've been following her since like 2012 or something and I admit I got annoyed when she got bigger, and her channel began to feel generic, etc. But I like her, she's nice and funny, also very genuine. I never thought she'd get THAT big.
I always liked her she comes off so sweet esp compared to other beauty youtubers
she supports jeffree star
They're not friends anymore.
Did she drop j* as a friend?


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fucked up circumstances but so happy for her. this is a joyful video. <3

People who blackmail shit like this are scum.

people are fucking awful, I wish she was able to do this in her own time. and I hope she can work things out with her fiancé
wow i have friends who went school with her and I've never heard of this, did not see this coming at all

But good for her, she's so cute. Disgusting that's she's being blackmailed
she mentions in the video that she has been living as a girl since she was 6 so not surprising
This is legitimately surprising to me
Good for her. It’s a shame considering the circumstances where her hand was forced.
My friend sent me this while I was in the drive thru lane at Burger King so I was sobbing by the time I was paying for my Impossible Whopper.

Fuck whoever was blackmailing her. Nikki is one of the few in the YT Beauty community who is genuine as fuck and while I’m super glad she can live her truth, I hate it wasn’t her own choice.

The impossible whopper is so good!

I'm loling at the idea of you pulling up to pay for your meal and the cashier opens the slidey door to tears streaming down your face
This comment reminds me of “I didnt ask to be brought to tears in Taco Bell drive thru but here I am” Facebook group lmao


January 13 2020, 20:54:34 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  January 13 2020, 20:55:18 UTC

She spoke very well, and this was quite inspiring.

Sad about the circumstances tho, but her response was kinda great hah.
I agree with her that someone you love deserves to know all of you, the good and the bad (in all things, not just sexuality). i'm a day one lay it all out on the line kind of gal. which is why I hated dating...
I can't imagine spending so much of your life trying to sweep something this significant under a rug, but then having to expose it to everyone you meet in order to be considered an authentic person. I know we all have things in our past we want to forget, and have the opportunity to leave it out of our story, but wow, you can't really do that with something like this.
screw whomever was trying to blackmail her. i'm glad she decided to take the reins.
I'm sad for her that she felt essentially forced to do it right now, not necessarily the time or way that she felt most comfortable.
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