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Canada hasn't decided if it would cover security costs for Prince Harry and Meghan

Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the federal government hasn't decided if Canada would help to cover the security costs.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office declined to comment.

Sources claim Justin Trudeau has told the Queen already that Canada will cover the costs.

The cost of protecting H&M has been pegged at $1.7 million a year.

source: twitter

Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, canadian celebrities, royalty / royal family
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Deleted comment

so "financially independent" just means independent from grandma, i guess? Canada's fair play to be dependant on because there'll be less fuss for them personally.

god i hate royalty. just completely break away or don't, you losers. it's not like they'll be broke and it's definitely not like they can't make $$$ without the Sussex title attached.
fuck no. not when we have such a dire housing crisis and so many communities don't have clean drinking water. but justin trudeau is just the right kind of pandering soulless monster to go for this kind of thing so i wouldn't put it past this government
Not Canadian but why exactly would Canada pay for this?
Cause they are Royals and Canada is commonwealth. I mean Meghan is an American citizen. She could have chosen anywhere in the US. Yet she chose Canada for the royal perks.
lmfao duh I knew that. It’s been a 12 hour workday and I’m exhausted. Thanks for the explanation though.
Why are people assuming that Charles is going to support them financially until they become independently solvent? Did Charles or Harry say that? It seems Charles, of all people, would tell Harry to figure it out on his own if he no longer wants to be a working royal.
We better fucking not??? Why should we coddle these assholes? They have enough money
Ummm how about you put 1.7 mil into childcare initiatives, affordable housing or education assholes?
You know they chose Canada so they can maybe get security paid for and so Meghan can stay close to her best friend who campaigns for her right wing sister in law
We'd better fucking not.
I love that they think it's perfectly fine for them to have a country they are visitots in foot the bill for their security while they make millions milking their royal connections.

The audacity.

Also, who will pay for their security when they visit the US? Or if they visit any other country, if they aren't doing "official" business?
Canada I suppose ? It's a mess
Fuck that noise. No. We better not pay a damn penny.

This is making them come off as entitled little brats.
No way are Canadians going to pay for these two. If you're out, you're out. Pay your own security. If you need rcmp or something, then pay the government.
"Financially independent" should mean just that.
For fuck's sake, they better not.

I feel bad for her and think it's a good idea to step away from the BRF, but if you're going to do that and claim financial independence, then do it.
They are internationally protected people and will have a security team wherever they end up. I don't know the details, if they can fund it or it's an official state thing......they're viewed akin to international diplomats.
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