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Canada hasn't decided if it would cover security costs for Prince Harry and Meghan

Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the federal government hasn't decided if Canada would help to cover the security costs.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office declined to comment.

Sources claim Justin Trudeau has told the Queen already that Canada will cover the costs.

The cost of protecting H&M has been pegged at $1.7 million a year.

source: twitter

Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, canadian celebrities, royalty / royal family
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The cost of protecting H&M has been pegged at $1.7 million a year.

lmao fuck no. they can go flip burgers like everyone else to be financially independent.

outrageous that we spend all this money on these stupid fuckers (monarchy in general).

This is the aspect that bothers me. I support tf out of them leaving the UK and not allowing the royal rota that have made their racist crusaders against Meghan their goal, but if they want to be financially independent they can pay their own security costs. I’m not even denying that they need it, I’m sure the death threats are scary af and Harry is probably extra careful bc of how his mom died. But independent means not relying on others, so...yknow. Do that.

I feel like it kind of like how it is in the US - with past presidents getting security for life.

Just a price to pay.
I tried putting it like that in my mind and I guess as an Amurrican, it confuses me since we aren’t a commonwealth country. Like yeah we pay for our past presidents secret service, which I’m not sure my opinion on (I’ve genuinely never thought about it before, which is my own failing) but we can’t make another country do it. If the Obamas moved to Canada we couldn’t make Canada pay their security.

But I guess Canadians being angry about this totally makes sense, especially anyone who hates the monarchy and doesn’t want to BE part of the commonwealth.

Just to clarify, Canadian tax money does partially go to the RF already?


1 week ago


1 week ago

I think that's what financial independence in their parts. All of their friends are megamillionaires with trust funds who don't depend on the general public and live their quiet rich lives.
I just wanna set the whole system on fire
poor canadians
We have 4 living past presidents we're paying for here.

I'm not feeling bad for Canadians about this.
Why? Your Presidents were elected/chosen by the US people and served a very specific and very important role in the US government. They are protected because they know super classified information and secrets directly relating to the government. Harry and Meghan....were not chosen by Canadians and will serve no role whatsoever in our government.

How is it remotely even close to being the same thing.
This. Presidents do a job in exchange for salary and perks. H&M haven’t done anything!
I’m not sure they won’t have a role in Canada. They might get one out of this compromise.
LoL, exactly.
Our presidents also pay taxes. (and have a history of getting ganked)


1 week ago


1 week ago

and? they were elected.
i know you thought this comment would slap LOL
well this is certainly a.... take.... lol

You really thought you were doing something here huh
we dont wanna pay that shit, fuck off trudeau
Pay it yourselves.

i tweeted this earlier and was like 'sorry for sounding like your dad but not with my fucking tax dollars'

there's a fuckload of things we could better spend our money on, from first nations communities in the north on downward, not some freeloaders.
Nope at this taking over the news cycle over real issues

Like it was fun and games on the first two posts but HOW, Canada we have bigger things to care about
they should honestly be disgusted w themselves if they have any expectation or hope that the Canadian taxpayers will bankroll any part of their luxurious leisurely lifestyle. we live in a seriously sick society if anyone would be okay w that while homeless people waste away on our gentrified streets
If they want to leave and be independent that means LEAVE AND BE INDEPENDENT. Other celebrities pay for their own security so they can too.
it’s weird to think of Canada as still peripherally connected to England.
Not Canadian, nor do I live anywhere close to the Canadian border so I may totally be off base with my thoughts.

If H&M are going to still be "working royals" at Queen Elizabeth's request and eventually Prince Charles and even further down the line Prince William, wouldn't that guarantee them some security? In the U.S. former Presidents and First Ladies are guaranteed secret service details for life.

Perhaps a compromise would be a, "lite" detail when they're in Canada and if they want more then they're responsible for that, and then full detail when they're on official business?

The statement the queen released today seemed to imply that the Sussexes' half-in half-out idea isn't going to fly. It seems like if they want out, they're going to be out. So no, they won't be doing work on behalf of the Queen.
Or they could pay themselves.
oh fuck no
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