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Canada hasn't decided if it would cover security costs for Prince Harry and Meghan

Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the federal government hasn't decided if Canada would help to cover the security costs.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office declined to comment.

Sources claim Justin Trudeau has told the Queen already that Canada will cover the costs.

The cost of protecting H&M has been pegged at $1.7 million a year.

source: twitter

Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, canadian celebrities, royalty / royal family
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They have enough money to hire security ffs
Canada better fucking not. That would be disgusting.
No thank you. They want to be free then be free. Stop expecting others to foot your bills


January 13 2020, 20:52:24 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  January 13 2020, 20:54:27 UTC

rich people are so fucking stingy. i mean i get that's how they keep their money, but goddamn. you're gonna say you're here by divine intervention then ask for all these handouts LMAO

also this must be really frustrating for meghan. to go from being financially independent and paying your own bills to... asking your grandma-in-law for money and watching what you wear/spend/do because of those limitations.
fancy clothes, mansions, private jets whew boy those limitations do sound limiting
i mean, when she was making her money she was free to do whatever she wanted. then she married into the family and had people tallying up the price of her outfits. (which i get, since taxpayers are paying for it). i'm just saying, going from spending whatever you want of your money to being conscious of what the public will think must be a shock to someone who just married into the family.

which.. harry should've prepared her for better IMO.


1 week ago

And like I said in my post in the other thread - I wouldn’t put it past trudough to actually offer that “hospitality”. But here’s hoping this country does the right thing and not support these entitled royalty with Canadian taxpayers money.
what a joke, they should pay it themselves...
lmao learn how to budget like the rest of us
not having avocado toast five days a week should cover those security costs in no time!
Lmao dead
download uber or take a hike!
honestly! how hard is it to skip out on poilâne bread shipped to Canada for a week?
Spongers. Pay for it yourself. Talk about entitled.
this is going to backfire on them. no one wants to have to pay for their security especially if we get nothing out of it. i'd much rather my tax dollars go to something worth while, like keeping health care affordable or helping homeless people (especially with how cold it is in bc right now we need more shelters!) or something actually meaningful. they have millions of dollars they can pay for their own security.

also fuck justin trudeau. i'm so over him.
Agree on all counts. The city I live in could really, desperately use a rehab centre as drug addiction and thus homelessness and crime is out of control here. $1.7 million may not seem like a lot in Canada's budget, but the idea that we have to pay any amount to fund the Queen's rich-as-fuck grandson and his wife while they undoubtedly live in luxury, makes me feel sick. No Canadians will like this and the public will turn on them.

I don't trust Trudeau not to kowtow to these assholes, either. He's so spineless and corrupt.
it infuriates me. there are also over 60 communities across the country don't have clean water (and the fact trudeau doesn't seem to think this is a priority baffles me). it makes me feel sick too. i am so tired of our government acting like they care and then pulling shit like this.

he is. i'm so sick of him, i don't get how so many people don't see through his bs. and just because he's better than other world leaders doesn't make him a good guy.
I mean, it's been 3 days
Hmm.....I don't think Canada should get stuck with the bill for their security in general. If they are invited to some Canadian event in an official capacity, sure, but Canada shouldn't have to pay for security for them to go to the grocery to get bags of milk or whatnot. They should have to provide that security on their own.
Jesus Christ, can we fucking NOT?
LMAO of course they would think anyone but themselves are responsible for their security costs. These two multimillionaires are just getting on their feet guys. Give them a break!
i didn't know we have so many canadians here lmao
have we even figured out where they're going to roost? I hate that ontd is now invested in british monarchy smh
they are now on vancouver island living in a mansion belonging to - most probably - russian oligarch.

i wrote 'most probably' because the owner is using shady techniques to not to show his name in building's documents.
i think they'd probably go to toronto.
Why on earth would they go to the busiest, biggest city in Canada? The whole point of them moving away was to live a quieter more private lifestyle.


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