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Succession’s Brian Cox: ‘I was touched up by Princess Margaret’

+ Brian Cox talks Succession, politics, his love for cannabis and an odd royal encounter.
+ On the love for Logan Roy and how it mirrors current politics: “It’s astonishing how much audiences love Logan’s cruelty. I think it’s a reflection of the state we’re in. All of our moral certainties have gone by the wayside with the elections, with the Etonian twit in the UK and the pink Pinocchio in the White House, and you feel you can’t do anything about it. It’s like with the impeachment: it’s so clear that [Trump] is a bad man, but the Republican senators say: ‘No, it’s not this, it’s that’, but it’s all bollocks. He’s a horrible human being and he’s fucking everything up and he doesn’t give a shit.”
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Full interview @ the source
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lmao, a great interview
lmfaoo i love him
I finished watching this show yesterday and was so stressed afterwards loooool, but apart from that I really liked it. It's so weird because everyone on this show is HORRIBLE (except for that Machiavellian fuck Cousin Greg).

I'm so glad Brian Cox is the complete opposite of his character on this show, he plays Logan brilliantly.
with the Etonian twit in the UK and the pink Pinocchio in the White House


brian cox makes me happy to be a scot (well, of scottish descent). i am going through withdrawals, i need season 3 in my life ASAP.
Damian Lewis or Eddie Redmayne or whatsisname, er, Benedict Cumberpast, er, Cumberpat, no, Cumberbatch – that’s it.

matthew macfadyen reading this interview like *whew*
Matthew's paternal grandparents were Scottish so maybe thats why Brian spared him lol.
I don't know shit about Brit social rankings, but his wiki page doesn't make it seem like he had a very posh upbringing. His dad was an oil exec, but the kind they pay a bunch and send overseas, which is I guess lower tier than the kind who make a shit ton and live on their rolling estate somewhere in the UK or whatever.
He went to private school and the royal academy which I'm sure wasnt on scholarship. he is not from a working class background which is the point brian cox was making.
I love Brian lmao
I adore him and the fact that he is charismatic yet still aware of the bullshit of politics and fame...New fave!
'You know, entitlement is just such an awful thing, and it’s the same in our country with [Prince] Andrew. I mean, what an idiot, what an outstanding dumb fuck: ‘I don’t know who that young woman was, and I don’t sweat.’ It’s ridiculous! I’m so cross with the idiocy of what we allow. It just shows how ridiculous the notion of monarchy is...'

start to finish this interview is a goldmine.
i've stanned him since i first watched manhunter. his iteration of hannibal remains superior.
I have loved him as an actor since I was a kid. So glad he seems like a decent dude. so many things were gold.
I actually don't know much about Brian Cox outside of Succession, he seems like a pretty good guy, especially for an old white one
this is a fantastic interview lmao

I'm sad I started watching late and missed all the posts for season 2 :( I want to talk about it but no one I know irl is watching yet, smh
I watched this show in two days and now I need more, it's amazing l m a o
I was happy to see a mini Friends reunion, Susan and Phoebe's dad are in it!
Lmao I love everything about this interview
crying @ whatsisname, er, Benedict Cumberpast, er, Cumberpat, no, Cumberbatch
"or whatsisname, er, Benedict Cumberpast, er, Cumberpat, no, Cumberbatch – that’s it. "

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