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Oscars are hella white (again), and here are some big snubs & surprises from today's nominations

I mean, it was expected ages ago that the Oscar nods would be this white and male, but actually seeing it go down... yikes. Anyway, here are some of the biggest surprises and snubs from today's nominations (you can find those here).

-- The biggest snub, as most noticed, was Jennifer Lopez for Hustlers. She got the GG and SAG nominations and those are precursors for an Oscar nod, though not always guaranteed.
-- On a more hilarious side, Disney's meh Frozen 2 was snubbed in the animated feature category, when the Mouse House was expecting to dominate in the category. The still have Toy Story 4 in the mix.
-- In the lead actor category, both Christian Bale (Ford v Ferrari - which ended up getting a BP nod) and Taron Egerton (Rocketman) were both snubbed in an already-packed category. I say they're snubbed because they both got GG/SAG/BAFTA nods before this.
-- If you're on Twitter right now, you'll notice both Awkwafina (who won the GG for 'The Farewell') and Lupita Nyong'o (Us) trending. Why - because they were snubbed as well in a category that is almost entirely white. Thank Cynthia Erivo (who actually got two nods this year - actress and song for the terrible 'Harriet') for breaking that.
-- Finally, we'll look at best director. Or, you know, the annual sausagefest. You might notice that Greta Gerwig is also trending on twitter this fine morning, and for that reason. Yet again we got another year where it's five men up for director. The surprise here is how Todd Phillips' hack ass got the fifth spot when there were more deserving nominees.

Source: https://twitter.com/THR/status/1216734527235796992
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Like, lmao. Y’all. Can’t we just.... like building the newer, better, improved version of Hollywood and film studios? Bc why the hell not? This is obviously white-only Hollywood and they haven’t learned a damn thing so I say fuck them all.
I'm behind the idea. Even make an awards show that actually judges work and performances by skill, and isn't decided by award politics.
i'm behind this as well. it pisses me off. there are many POC actors who are incredible but don't get the recognition they deserve because of how white hollywood is. i thought around now we would see a turnaround but these noms clearly say otherwise
Taylor's lame "Cats" song didn't get nominated.
I'm not surprised by any of this, I knew this was gonna be a very white, very male awards season. I just hope OUATIH doesn't sweep it, it doesn't deserve it. I was hoping for 1917 but it has no acting noms, which isn't usually a good sign. So I'm predicting Joker may take it.
Pretty sure OUATIH definitely will win Best Picture even though I despises it. White hollywood loves its self-obsessive film.

I am hoping Parasite to be the dark horse, but you know, they ain't gonna award Parasite, a foreign film, as Best Picture in Oscars.
It’s like they only want to nominate black actors and actresses for slave movies or white savior movies. And almost all other POC are completely shut out of the acting categories. I’m pissed not to see Lupita, Eddie Murphy, Awkwafina, and JLo. And I don’t want to hear about how their movies and performances weren’t Oscar worthy. Like all these other white people were, really? F*** that. I feel like boycotting because I’m sick of this. The same boring whites year after year.
"And I don’t want to hear about how their movies and performances weren’t Oscar worthy. Like all these other white people were, really? F*** that."

lol rigghhhhht! people can have their opinions but don't act like the 10000000x white actors/films that get nominated are 100% oscar worthy, there's been so many lackluster wins in film and acting.
Honestly, the Q is, why did Netflix not push Dolemite?
I think they did somewhat (I saw it was shortlisted for Costume but ultimately didn't make it), but the racism factor kicks in. Because damn, I'm somewhat flabbergasted at Two Popes over Dolemite. That movie's traction in awards has been so strange to me.

I think there's also the problem of Netflix just having too much and spreading themselves too thin
"oscar worthy" is such a strange concept at this point...moonlight is the only deserving win i can think of in recent years for p much any category
i haven't seen marriage story yet, but the acting in that one argument scene on twitter as...not great. i've seen more compelling fights on the cw.
Having seen it, once you put that scene in context with the hour of buildup it works better... they're going for a more realistic thing, realistic fights always look a lot sillier than the stagey arguments Hollywood usually does
The whole movie is super overacted, I don't even understand the praise on Laura's performance. There's nothing special about any of it.
There’s nothing special about the movie or the performances. I watched it the other week and I’ve already forgotten everything about it.

Totally forgettable movie



Lupita was snubbed! Facts ! She’s such a strong and talented actor in all she does. I hope she knows how her fans feel she already been nominated and awarded for US by Us.
What a lovely comment. Co-signed.
I really do think Joaquin deserves the nomination and I would love for him to win that Oscar. I'm probably in the minority here on ONTD but I really thought his performance was fantasic. But it's the only Joker nom I'm happy about. Him and Hildur's score.

Also, Taron was snubbed.
Same. I haven't seen many movies that have been or could have been nominated but I thought Joaquin was fantastic and I wouldn't be upset if he won tbh.
Joaquin deserves to win. His performance is the only one people are still talking about.
IA, he definitely deserves the nom and I won't be mad if he wins.
white cinema is so egregious and unapologetic. just gonna channel bong joon ho's nonchalance toward western movie awards and not give the oscars the time of day while waiting for the old academy stalwarts to die off en masse
now that Awkwafina has been denied a nom, the number of Asian women nominated for Best Actress in history remains 1

Jesus, and that's like in the beginning years of the ceremony
It sucks because who knows when akwafina will get another movie where she has a chance at a nom

I feel like all the right pieces have to fall together for a nom (it’s obviously not just about acting talent lol) and she was so close
Coulda have a chance to nominate Jo Yeo Jung if they actually try to nominate any of the cast from Parasite. But no.
Scarjo was nominated TWICE for her bland ass acting and Lupita was snubbed, the fucking nerve of these assholes
I'm so pissed that Jennifer Lopez, Lupita Nyong'o and Taron Egerton didn't get nominated. I do not get how because they gave 3 of the most incredible performances of the year (One commanded the screen from the second she walked on, one created two distinct fully fleshed out characters in the same damn movie and the third completely embodied the person he was playing to the point where it was like seeing double) and they got snubbed? The Academy is smoking something that they're not sharing with the rest of us.
Lmao @ the Bombsheol nominations


January 13 2020, 22:27:48 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  January 13 2020, 22:29:01 UTC

I am so glad Jlo got "snubbed" her performance was nothing to write home about. Her performance in El Cantante was better and that wasn't award worthy either. She should be happy her pr campaign got her a SAG and GG nom among the others. But Oscar winner isn't happening for her. It says a lot that someone actually linked her fucking pole dance clip as "proof" she gave an exceptional performance. Yeah, no.

Awkwafina and Lupita were snubbed. I also hope Scarlett wins not a damn thing. She is not the front runner, but I will still cross my fingers.
I honestly think the issue with Parasite not being nomianted for any acting awards was because it's not English?

Has there been an acting award for films not in English?

This is a very Anglocentric problem, that I am even a problem of, is that people can enjoy foreign films, but don't undertand always how good the acting is, because a big part of it is tone and delivery, which is hard to decipher fo rsome if they don't know the language.

For example, there was a time when I was watching a bunch of Turkish films and shows, and I would reccomend it to my Turkish friend, and he would come to me and say that the acting was really bad, and I was surprised because I thought it was good or decent, but explained to me because I didn't know Turkish. I don't know, I GENUINELY feel that if this were an English movie, but was still an entire Asian cast, that it would have got acting awards
It's not super common, but Antonio Banderas' nom this year is for a Spanish movie. Marion Cotillard won for her portrayal of Edith Piaf and it was a French-speaking role. Javier Bardem has been nominated for Spanish roles, Rinko Kikuchi's nom was in Japanese Sign Language, Catalina Sandino Moreno got a nom for a Colombian movie, etc. The Academy is just being racist, like usual.


January 14 2020, 00:10:10 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 00:11:11 UTC

I just think to some extent, while it was true, the pushing of the "great ensemble cast" narrative from critics gave voters an excuse to just continue seeing the actors as one large Korean cast where they didn't have to learn people's names or consider their performances in isolation, which to me is primarily racist (it's not like the Oscars has a good track record to defend itself) and then Anglocentric. Towards the end it seems like there was a push for Song Kang-ho but it was too late, although the women in this movie were incredible and could've flooded the (very weak) Supporting Actress category on their own.

I hope they get the SAG.
A tree was nominated twice and Lupita none? smfh
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