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Oscars are hella white (again), and here are some big snubs & surprises from today's nominations

I mean, it was expected ages ago that the Oscar nods would be this white and male, but actually seeing it go down... yikes. Anyway, here are some of the biggest surprises and snubs from today's nominations (you can find those here).

-- The biggest snub, as most noticed, was Jennifer Lopez for Hustlers. She got the GG and SAG nominations and those are precursors for an Oscar nod, though not always guaranteed.
-- On a more hilarious side, Disney's meh Frozen 2 was snubbed in the animated feature category, when the Mouse House was expecting to dominate in the category. The still have Toy Story 4 in the mix.
-- In the lead actor category, both Christian Bale (Ford v Ferrari - which ended up getting a BP nod) and Taron Egerton (Rocketman) were both snubbed in an already-packed category. I say they're snubbed because they both got GG/SAG/BAFTA nods before this.
-- If you're on Twitter right now, you'll notice both Awkwafina (who won the GG for 'The Farewell') and Lupita Nyong'o (Us) trending. Why - because they were snubbed as well in a category that is almost entirely white. Thank Cynthia Erivo (who actually got two nods this year - actress and song for the terrible 'Harriet') for breaking that.
-- Finally, we'll look at best director. Or, you know, the annual sausagefest. You might notice that Greta Gerwig is also trending on twitter this fine morning, and for that reason. Yet again we got another year where it's five men up for director. The surprise here is how Todd Phillips' hack ass got the fifth spot when there were more deserving nominees.

Source: https://twitter.com/THR/status/1216734527235796992
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again, I actually liked this movie but loooool


January 13 2020, 17:14:51 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  January 13 2020, 17:18:01 UTC

lol they really didn’t try this year
- no woman best director nomination
- 1 woman of color for best actress
- scarjo getting TWO nominations (she’ll def get one meh)
- Todd Phillips getting a nomination
- parasite’s cast getting 0 nomination for best actor/actress etc

i’ll just enjoy the red carpet pictures and some terrible fashion!
Imagine if Scarlett loses both.
if she loses both i’d scream of joy!!


2 weeks ago

pretty sure she will. the frontrunners are already anointed (barf) but maybe things could change with SAG and BAFTA...
I think she will. Renee Zellweger and Laura Dern are the favourites in both categories.
She will. I honestly feel like her nomination was simply fodder, and nobody can argue otherwise.
She better. Then she can be a two time loser. The fact that she’s even nominated...
I mean, the asians had our year last year and then black people had the previous year...the whites must be feeling left out and be all, what more do you want!

E Y E R O L L. Sarcasm ok.
Yalitza’s nomination was our Latino moment. Guess that’s enough.
Guillermo winning best director was supposedly our moment as well. And we'll never get another in that category for another 90-some years.
Haha yup and then they're like, you ladies had your #metoo moment, so my turn now.

I'd say our moment was almost getting six consecutive wins in the director category, if it wasn't for Chazelle sneaking in with La La Land (though that year there was no Latin American director nominated, but still!)

[winners]2013 - Cuarón for Gravity
2014 - Iñárritu for Birdman
2015 - Iñárritu for The Revenant
2016 - Chazelle for La La Land
2017 - Del Toro for The shape of water
2018 - Cuarón for Roma


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

I don't thin Jlo's acting deserved a nom... That being said, FUCK THE OSCARS, tired af of their blatant sexism and racism.
The only thing that can save this award season is Parasite winning, so we’ll probably end up with OUATIH getting BP
Yup. I'm not gonna watch Oscars this year. Probably just gonna check out some tweets here and there for my fav. So Dam to see if she is gonna be on red carpet. If not, not even bother to tune in to give them the ratings.
They are so desperate to give an award to Scarlet. Zhao Shuzhen deserves best supporting and The Farewell deserves screenplay. What a joke.
would the farewell be considered for original screenplay or adapted since it’s based on a real story?
Original, I think. Other than a family story I don’t think there is any tangible source material.
Original, for the same reasons Marriage Story is Original.
little women is the 7th film adapt of the book

Wait, the 7th??? That is... tragic, and people complained about A Star Is Born when this exists.
Right. And is it possible to complain that OscarsSoWhite and then stan for Gerwig and LittleWomen? Which are both also so white.

And I know it's adapted from a book and I don't care. What would have been interesting would have been to make some changes and mix it up a bit. Do something inspired by Little Women but have it be about four black sisters, four latina sisters, four asian sisters - or have it be about a group of female friends or something.

Even more interesting, scrap Little Women and do something original.

I saw Little Women and was bored to tears. Ronan was amazing, as always. And Pugh was great once she went to Europe but it was not groundbreaking cinema and it was also very white.
Omg yes I was about to say the same on wanting 4 dark skinned black actresses playing the March sisters on Little Women. I’d Stan even more than already. That’d be AWESOME
"I saw Little Women and was bored to tears. Ronan was amazing, as always. And Pugh was great once she went to Europe but it was not groundbreaking cinema and it was also very white."

You're the first person I've come across that also thinks it was utterly, utterly boring. Ronan was luminous though and I'm glad she nabbed a nom.


2 weeks ago

ia. and i cant with people pissed at greta not getting nominated. all the men suck but she is no better. contrived overdone not original typical bland movie. do something original!

Boring lily white film 😴
Little women is my fave film of the year (I haven’t seen parasite yet tho) and I’m so mad Greta didn’t make director but a dildo like Todd Phillips did.

Soooooooo salty about Awkafina and Lupita not getting in best actress. Fuck all the way off.

And jlo gets snubbed while ScarJo gets a useless second nomination, I am disgusted.gif
I don’t watch movies but these noms seriously makes it look like Hollywood came out with 5 movies last year. What a joke. I did watch Knives Out and I’m surprise it didn’t get more noms because it looked like an Oscar-bait film. I guess it was too comedic.

I’m happy Beyonce and Taylor didn’t get nominated so they don’t feel obligated to attend and perform. I thought both of their songs were weak but there’s no need to give a free performance to entertain these pseudo-elite assholes who live in their own bubble.
KO put a big fat lens on white privilege and that’s a no-no
can I ask what about Knives Out seemed Oscar bait-y to you?

When I think Oscar bait I always think weighty, self-serious period films
Klaus taking that nomination from Frozen 2... the poetic cinema...
And yet again the Academy will be surprised by the lower number of people watched.
Yep. There will be a bunch of POC presenters, but the same ole repetitive movies will win, and when the (low) ratings are released there will be a press release of how they'll do better, a bunch of people will write think pieces on oscarssowhiteandoutoftouch and then lather, rinse, repeat next year.

I guess I'm more bitter about this than I thought.
It could be fixed SO EASILY.
this is really fueling my distaste for Scarlett Johansson lmao


AND while ignoring the one blonde white woman who deserved some recognition, Greta sis this is a mess I'm so sorry

Just cancel awards season altogether at this point. These people clearly don’t give a shit about who put in the best work. They just care about awarding white mediocrity particularly white male mediocrity.
Mte. It’s really obvious.
honestly. it's so purposeful.
I missed a lot. So seeing this..... just.... What the actual fuck? WHAT THE FUCK lol

Suspended comment

<3333!!! I really love it so much lol. Perfection.
I can’t believe Scarjo’s mediocre self/acting got two Oscar nominations. I’m sorry but she’s easily the most overrated actress of her generation. She’s as stiff as a board on screen with zero charisma or presence.


January 14 2020, 01:17:08 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  January 14 2020, 01:17:48 UTC

ia. Who watches her and thinks "Wow, what an amazing performance"? She seems like she's just blurting out the lines she just memorized a half hour earlier.
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