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Oscars are hella white (again), and here are some big snubs & surprises from today's nominations

I mean, it was expected ages ago that the Oscar nods would be this white and male, but actually seeing it go down... yikes. Anyway, here are some of the biggest surprises and snubs from today's nominations (you can find those here).

-- The biggest snub, as most noticed, was Jennifer Lopez for Hustlers. She got the GG and SAG nominations and those are precursors for an Oscar nod, though not always guaranteed.
-- On a more hilarious side, Disney's meh Frozen 2 was snubbed in the animated feature category, when the Mouse House was expecting to dominate in the category. The still have Toy Story 4 in the mix.
-- In the lead actor category, both Christian Bale (Ford v Ferrari - which ended up getting a BP nod) and Taron Egerton (Rocketman) were both snubbed in an already-packed category. I say they're snubbed because they both got GG/SAG/BAFTA nods before this.
-- If you're on Twitter right now, you'll notice both Awkwafina (who won the GG for 'The Farewell') and Lupita Nyong'o (Us) trending. Why - because they were snubbed as well in a category that is almost entirely white. Thank Cynthia Erivo (who actually got two nods this year - actress and song for the terrible 'Harriet') for breaking that.
-- Finally, we'll look at best director. Or, you know, the annual sausagefest. You might notice that Greta Gerwig is also trending on twitter this fine morning, and for that reason. Yet again we got another year where it's five men up for director. The surprise here is how Todd Phillips' hack ass got the fifth spot when there were more deserving nominees.

Source: https://twitter.com/THR/status/1216734527235796992
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I would have love to see the long list for all of the acting categories.
I would kill to see the numbers on these awards, on both the nominating and final ballots
Someone needs to leak it lol.
These are really bad this year. Reeeealy bad. The academy is complete trash.

Random but I just just watched Rocketman yesterday and thought Egerton did well (I preferred his portrayal over Rami Malek’s). I assumed he’d at least get a nom that he’d inevitably lose. But now I’m wondering if someone in charge is like, “We’re not doing another rock star biopic actor this year. Too much!”

Meanwhile you know they can’t nominate enough white savior characters or sad man shows sadness characters year after year.
It was a better (and more diverse) year for film than these nominations would suggest.
snubs: no woman director, knives out for bp, ana for supporting/lead, cast noms for parasite, j-lo.

i wish we could have an award show that is loved and looked forward to as much as the oscars but was not as transparently fake and obvious as the oscars were. loosen up, broaden your tastes in film and what makes a good film, and acknowledge even thrillers or horror films when they deserve it. also STOP pretending like POC aren't the most progressive minds in the film industry. white american actors are overlooked by brits but i'd bet MONEY if they cared about the integrity of film and pushed POC to the forefront, it wouldn't be that way. they're so talented, let them make the films that we need and want.
Same!!! The Oscars lost their significance a long time ago.
It sounds weird now but the early years of the MTV Movie Awards had flashes of this.
Yep, the MTV awards give love to a lot of younger filmmakers and future bigwigs like David Fincher and Wes Anderson. Somewhere it became more about big budget films and superhero movies.
I tend to enjoy the Spirit Awards a lot more but those are all indie films. It always sounds like a lot of fun.


January 13 2020, 16:45:40 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  January 13 2020, 16:46:59 UTC

There's 4 movies this year with 10+ nominations (Joker, Irishman, 1917, and OUATIH), how fucking lazy.

Hopefully this is the end of Todd Philips career; I'm over it, I don't want it, it needs to go away.

I'm not completely surprised by JLo's snub, but I expected another actress to ride the coattails of a BP nominee, not her be replaced by another sole nominee.

Saoirse ties to become the youngest with 4 nominations (and all are BP nominees, when will your favs?). Think it'll be pretty easy for her to beat the youngest with 5 (think she has like 6 years to do it??).

Like 2017, the four acting categories are locked in (Joaquin, Renee, Pitt, and Dern). How fucking boring, these all seem like career recognition awards and not for the actual movies they're in.

I haven't seen Harriet yet, so can't comment on that nomination. But the new thing of nominating actresses who also are nominated in song is stupid. Awkwafina and Lupita gave great performances and I'd have taken out Renee and Scarjo for them.
these all seem like career recognition awards and not for the actual movies they're in

Yep. Just like Gary Oldman in 2017 and Leo in 2016. I hate it, and it's a self-perpetuating cycle.
tbf with actresses and song, Mary J Blige deserve both nominations (and should've won for supporting actress) and Gaga deserved both noms too
gaga absolutely did not deserve that acting nom, song sure - but acting absolutely not lmao


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Todd Phillips is one of three dudes at WB who has a blank check, so unless his next five movies are not DC or Joker related and flop horrendously he will stay around
The Oscars is an inherently white institution. It's never going to change.
It will eventually! theyjusthavetodie.gif
lol this
the average age of the actor in a supporting role nominees is 71.2
yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes lmao
can't wait to not watch.
A strong agree to all the snubs already mentioned here, but to not even nom Little Women for cinematography?? What??
I don’t like jlo or water bottle so I don’t care about them missing out but parasite raises the need for an ensemble cast oscar because everyone was so good that’s it’s hard to pick out one or two to nominate
It would've been easier if they were white
I agree wholeheartedly. However, I knew they wouldn't nominate an actor from a foreign film. Especially at the Oscars.
They do sometimes, like Yalitza and Marina from Roma last year
I can only remember the dude from Life is beautiful, Roberto Benini?
Could've nominated Song Kang Ho (poor Kim father) and Lee Jung Eun (housekeeper). It's not like they weren't in LA promoting the film.

Like, if they cannot remember the face, they gotta remember the damn ass song about Jessica. Park So Dam? She sang the song that is so meme-worthy that white people should've remember the English words in there!
Hunter is on fire today
I'm not surprised lupita didn't win for Us, Us was so ??? mediocre?? and the whole raspy voice thing was just...eh

that said...her acting in Us > scarjo in marriage story
I didn’t care that much for Lupita in Us. But I do think the film’s score should have gotten nominated.

nnnnn I laugh and cry.
the make up and hairstyling nom...over little women like fucking threw me over The Edge for sure
the academy's commitment to being a disappointment is almost admirable at this point
Lupita snub is EGREGIOUS. As is the lack of acting noms for anyone in the Parasite cast, not even Song Kang-ho.

A24 is really feeling the loss of that media exec who went to Netflix. The Farewell should have/could have gotten multiple noms. At the very least for screenplay. And while Uncut Gems was never gonna be a big oscar player, Sandler could have gotten the nom with the right marketing.
Yeah. I expected at least Adam and Oneohtrix Point Never to be nommed
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