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Oscars are hella white (again), and here are some big snubs & surprises from today's nominations

I mean, it was expected ages ago that the Oscar nods would be this white and male, but actually seeing it go down... yikes. Anyway, here are some of the biggest surprises and snubs from today's nominations (you can find those here).

-- The biggest snub, as most noticed, was Jennifer Lopez for Hustlers. She got the GG and SAG nominations and those are precursors for an Oscar nod, though not always guaranteed.
-- On a more hilarious side, Disney's meh Frozen 2 was snubbed in the animated feature category, when the Mouse House was expecting to dominate in the category. The still have Toy Story 4 in the mix.
-- In the lead actor category, both Christian Bale (Ford v Ferrari - which ended up getting a BP nod) and Taron Egerton (Rocketman) were both snubbed in an already-packed category. I say they're snubbed because they both got GG/SAG/BAFTA nods before this.
-- If you're on Twitter right now, you'll notice both Awkwafina (who won the GG for 'The Farewell') and Lupita Nyong'o (Us) trending. Why - because they were snubbed as well in a category that is almost entirely white. Thank Cynthia Erivo (who actually got two nods this year - actress and song for the terrible 'Harriet') for breaking that.
-- Finally, we'll look at best director. Or, you know, the annual sausagefest. You might notice that Greta Gerwig is also trending on twitter this fine morning, and for that reason. Yet again we got another year where it's five men up for director. The surprise here is how Todd Phillips' hack ass got the fifth spot when there were more deserving nominees.

Source: https://twitter.com/THR/status/1216734527235796992
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i can't believe the farewell got completely snubbed, lulu and awkwafina deserved nods. and the fact that j.lo was overlooked for kathy bates in a movie that no one saw. it's not acceptable! the academy hates woc.
I almost wish stars would do a major boycott of the awards...but I could understand, especially for some poc actors, that it would be hard to consider rocking the boat with an institution like that (when they already face shit like this as it is trying to get recognition and work)
i agree entirely and i haven't even seen these movies, yet. but it still rings true because the academy does this every time.
Jlo was not snubbed lol. Ana de Armas, Awkwafina, and Lupita were.
Awkwafina especially. God!
I thought Ana was good in Knives Out but don't really get why her performance has been hyped so much. That being said, given the nominees obviously there's no reason why she shouldn't have been nominated lol
I knew Ana de Armas wasn’t getting a nom but she definitely deserved one. Scarlett’s spot should be hers.
Jlo was absolutely snubbed along with the other women you mentioned
1000 percent agree!
i don't get the praise for ana de armas lol she wasn't good at all

Doc noms are 4/5 directed by women which is why!

Also people should watch The Edge of Democracy. Fascinating movie.
that nom is making a lot of people in Brasil mad. I love it.
Disappointed Apollo 11 didn't make it in docs, but I still need to see several of these.
I can't believe American Factory got a nom over, say, Apollo 11 or Midnight Family. It could have been better if it actually took a stand, but it was more like, here's the 2 sides to this story we've presented it in the most boring way possible.

Idk maybe they just wanted the Obamas to show up at the Oscars
the doc noms are usually my faves.
I'm so happy for Sama and the edge of democracy
I must have been asleep for 2019 because I feel like I didn't hear about half these movies.

Nice to see Klaus getting an animation nod, though. I'd like to see it win, but Toy Story 4 probably will.
whyyyyyyy does Once Upon A Time in Hollywood get so many nominations??!?!
I don't get it. It was aggressively just okay.
"aggressively just okay" is being way too nice ;-)
Hollywood loves movies about Hollywood
It's not even one of Tarantino's strongest, let alone one of the strongest of the year.
Hollywood loves to suck it’s own dick and pretend that Leo and Brad are still fuckable
my hatred for that movie consumes me


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Worst movie of 2019 for me
Yeah, it wasnt really very good
it's the film that clearly shows how tarantino suffered from the death of his longtime editor sally menke. it sucks and the pacing is off


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

its about hollywood
Hollywood is very much up its own ass. I'm rooting so hard against that movie in every category.


2 weeks ago

it was one of tarantino's worst movies
I hated it
and wished I was watching the lion king the whole time I was in there
and was cursing my SO for choosing it instead
Cause Tarantino

Which is annoying because it wasn't really that great, and I say this as someone who as Inglorious Bastards and Pulp Fiction as some of my all time favourite movies of all time

I would understand Leo and Brad getting nominated because I thought their acting was the best part of the episode but everything else...
can't say i'm surprised at all, but nonetheless devastated to see awkwafina and j. lo snubbed, as well as that tragic all-male director list.

at this point i've given up all hope on anything that deserves to win winning, so i'll be using all my energy on rooting against once upon a time in hollywood
Tbh, I didn’t expect J-Lo to get a nom because of the type of film it is.

Did SJ get a nom for Jojo Rabbit? She gave one of my favourite recent performance.
I do wonder if Jennifer would've had a higher chance if the film had shown less of the stripping.
Maybe. I feel like people were probably automatically dismissive of it because of the plot.


2 weeks ago

She did, yes, along with a Lead nod for Marriage Story.


2 weeks ago

how is that trite poorly accented performance from jojo anyone's favorite performance omg?


2 weeks ago

It's the concentration of all the awards on like 4 movies that really trips me out. Surely those 4 didn't all have the top achievement in every category, come on now.


January 13 2020, 16:36:50 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  January 13 2020, 17:07:38 UTC

Wow, there not even trying to hide their racist, sexist bias anymore
The fact that they nominated Harriet over the vastly superior Us or The Farewell (or Clemency, or Waves or Luce or any number of other things) just so they could go "SEE, it's not all white this time, GOD" just shows how amazingly tone-deaf they are. Looking forward to rage-screaming at the detestable ~anonymous ballots.
Looking forward to rage-screaming at the detestable ~anonymous ballots.

yet another time honored tradition!!
"I didn't understand Us! Who were the people in red?! They looked just like the other people! Why was The Farewell in a weird language?! I can't be bothered to read subtitles, you know!"
Luce was soooo good
did parasite get nominated in any acting category ?
Of course not. :')
When we said more women nominees we didn’t mean nominating Scarlett twice
she's the fucking WooOOOOoOOorst!
lmao mess
lol, that technically means less women nominees, because some other actress could have gotten her spot instead. ah, the academy.
hustlers deserve so much better. the directing and screenplay is so good
It really was well written and put together.
I feel like the screenplay was it's weakest point but the directing was so good. I've seen Scafaria's other films and never thought she was anything special, but this!

At least it made a ton of money.
i like the screenplay because i thought it wisely introducesits characters at the exact time the story needs them. i also love the ensemble tbh lili, keke, cardi et al were realky great in it!

and i dont think how anyone can miss lorene's directing. it's so good because you can tell that this is a new kind of gaze into this world and that it never feels gratuitous nor calling attention to itself.


2 weeks ago

ia. i enjoyed the movie but i felt like it kind of built and built but went nowhere? but still, i am disgruntled that j lo got cut
I agree. Do you feel like the money-making part came in too early? I feel like in films like this there’s an ascent to one Big Lifestyle Change, but here we got two (Their luck with the Wall Street guys at the beginning, THEN the drugging.) Idk or maybe it’s because the dragging part felt oddly low stakes?
And the soundtrack although Im aware it wasn't original


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

for a weird jesus movie!


When her 14-year-old son drowns in a lake, a faithful mother prays for him to come back from the brink of death and be healed.
they still have elton who is a hollywood favorite lol

i guess his post-oscars party will be IT
I like I'm Gonna Love Me Again and Into the Unknown :(
you really think they're not going to bring out elton john?
No J.Lo for supporting....hmm.
And no Lupita??? Are you fucking serious lol.
Def not watching this garbage
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