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Take a Seat: Chris Hansen went to Onision/CoolGuyKai's House!

- For the past few months, Pedo-Slayer Chris Hansen (who has helped catch over 300 pedophiles) has been investigating youtubers Onision (Gregory Jackson) and his partner CoolGuyKai (Kai Avaroe). He has done multiple interviews with alleged victims of the couple. There have been numerous allegations including grooming underage fans (including a fan they were legal guardians of!) and possession of child pornography (you can watch all the interviews on Hansen's channel here. Please note they are incredibly disturbing).
- On January 11 Hansen posted a video on twitter saying he had flown across the country to the couple's home. Hansen wanted to talk to them but the cops were called on him instead.
- Onision has been posting bizarre videos since his Patreon was deleted in November (Patreon deleted his account after he doxxed an ex-girlfriend on twitter) causing many people to think he is faking a meltdown in order to appear incompetent should he be put on trial. For some reason, YT is still allowing him to make videos.
- According to Hansen the FBI has been investigating the pair for months.
- Hansen says more will follow in the coming days.

For a full timeline of the abuse allegations, there is a GoogleDoc you can read here (Again, a warning there is a lot of disturbing content in this!)

Tags: sexual misconduct, web series / youtube

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