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War of the Windsors: everybody is kung-fu fighting

Your daily lame royal update is here!

Today we will learn that:

- the media in the US and the UK have a great coverage divide when it comes to H&M: the US cares about Meghan's mental health while the UK cares about the Queen (despite a growing trend of antiroyalist sentiment),

- reporters are fighting!: Emily Andrews says Tom Bradby is actively against the royal family,

- stans are fighting!: some are even sending death threats,

- stans are fighting with reporters and Richard Palmer says thet wer vilified on social media lmao,

- Charles is currently in Oman, following the death of the Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, but will come back to the meeting on Monday,

- Queen went to the church (wasn't driving) and Peter Phillips was there,

- Anne and Edward want the Queen to sack her private secretary Sir Edward Young for failing to get a grip on Prince Harry split and Prince Andrew scandal,

- Tom Bradby says H&M may have planned their exit during the trip to Africa last year,

- Tom also says they possible tv interview 'won't be pretty',

- Tom also stated that William did try but things have gone too far to be retrieved,

- Surrey Police twitter account asks H&M to join them,

- opinion: "the more Hollywood and A-listy that Meghan and Harry have become the less relatable they are and the less any of us really care",

- Eugenie of York visits UN Trust Fund grantees in Serbia.


op's note: sorry for the quality of some sources but some stans blocked me for liking tweets (!!!) that i wanted to use later

source: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


i may start a gofoundme lmao
Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, family drama, royalty / royal family
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