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Hot Girl Summer Forever: 10 of the best rap tracks of 2019

2019 was a bad year for many things but it was an amazing year for female rap, where great new talents burst onto the scene, veterans broke through to the mainstream, legends came back and talent ruled the underground.

Megan Thee Stallion released the best album of the year and had the best Tiny Desk Concert and coined the term Hot Girl Summer, and you still get the feeling this force of nature is just revving up.

Cardi dialled it back a bit in 2019, but gave us some great features. This is possibly the best of the lot (close runner up: Rodeo with Lil Nas X, absolute fucking worst: South of the Border with *d Sh**r*n and C*m*l* C*b*ll*), and she looks like a hot comic book spy in the video. Ignore the males

Pop Cinderella Lizzo has developed way more into a singer but she has form as a rapper too (when will Batches & Cookies smash??). On this track she gets help from legend Missy.

I mean, what a queen

Real 90s retro vibes in this super charming track from Rapsody

Doja Cat is a complete weirdo and the youths really like her. idk what to write about her she makes me feel a million years old

Honestly one of the most stone cold bops of the year and Saweetie sitting on the hoops is a VISUAL.

Princess Nokia secured legend status when she threw soup on a racist on the subway, and she maintains it with this gorgeous track and the line "I hate domestic abusers, in fact they all make me sick, this dude threw wine on my friend, I punched him straight in his shit." be my frond my liege

2019 truly was relentless - this West Coast banger from the intimidatingly cool Kamaiyah came out in december.

UK represent! Little Simz had a great 2019 with an excellent album and fantastic live performances. An artiste

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Those were my favs ONTD what were yours?
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