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The View: Dr Jennifer Ashton, Hot Topics

Meghan is off. Ana Navarro and Yvette Nicole Brown are guest hosts.

If you’re thinking, woah is this the new permanent panel, sadly nope ☹

Dr. Jennifer Ashton

ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton weighs in on flu myths, the controversial virginity test on T.I.’s daughter, and her book The Self-Care Solution.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
JA thinks the flu has a pr problem. The flu kills people every year. But it’s looking pretty bad, with deaths increasing. It’s not too late. No anti-vaxxer issue. People just take their chances. You *can not* get the flu from the vaccination. Ana wants to know the difference between a cold or flu or something else. Sunny brings up TI daughter’s virgin test. JA says there is no test to prove being a virgin and it is 2020 so stfu. [Ok that was me ad-libbing but that’s her premise]. Sunny wonders if there is a single father who wants to be involved in their daughter’s maturity. JA says it’s good when the dad is involved and it can be awkward but encourages it [she’s talking in general, not the virginity test]. Talks about her book, a monthly wellness challenge. Making it achievable by thinking about it in smaller timeframes. Ana says she divided her goals to three categories. Lose weight, eat something green that’s not an M&M, and VOTE. JA picked how we move, how we eat, and above the neck, eg stress, sleep, meditation. JA has bad posture, so she thought about stretching.

Hot Topic Iran

Still no details on imminent threat. [Sidebar, after show aired, lots of claims for intent to attack embassies which also means, if you're going to lie, lie big. Also, Pompeo doesn't know the definition of ~imminent.]

House voted to limit T45 War Powers 224 to 194. 3 GOP signed on, while 8 Dem did not. Pfft. Naturally T45 had a rant at his Klan rally last night. Ana reminds 15K lies, can never believe anything he says. Shame on GOP that is loyal to a person instead of a party. House is supposed to be checks and balance.

Sunny is upset that we’ve abandoned diplomacy, read Kerry’s NYT op-ed. Deal was succeeding while diplomacy was in place. Joy names and shames the Dems who voted against it. Yvette says they put politics over people, it shouldn’t be about winning the next election. She calls him Tang. Says he’s a narcissist. People normally have negative self talk, but he sees who he is deep down, then projects that onto his enemies. Abby says the GOP who are breaking ranks are supporting the military, it’s not worth getting into another war in the middle east. Ana says Gaetz represents a lot of military families so his voting for it was political for him even though it was the right vote. Joy says what’s in our national interest is to get T45 out of office.

Hot Topic Boiling Royal Tea

Loads of posts, check the Royals tag

The saga continues. Ana says the next season of The Crown is gonna be lit! and Meghan can play herself! Abby takes up for Meghan. Sunny and Yvette think she wanted to marry Harry and he just happened to be a prince. Sunny doesn’t think the BRF are going anywhere. Brings up excommunicated Andrew. Ana says it’s not like Edward abdicating. They ponder Harry’s actual last name. Yvette thinks all the noise about her, is all racial. Recaps Harry’s experience with his mom, now he loves his wife and sees the same thing materializing. They debate about his parentage with a photo. Abby has always loved Harry. Thinks he tries to do things that makes him happy (freedom to do so, because he was never going to be King). Not going to take his title away. Ana thinks it’s more complicated than we realize. Abby didn’t like Meghan being shamed as a mom for leaving Archie behind for a few days [because no working mom has ever done that?!?]. Says it’s awful, leave her alone. Now QEII is mad. And the BRF live a long time. Joy says they’re comparing them to Edward and Wallis. That is not the same thing, and they were out because they were N’zi sympathizers, not because they were so in love, and he married a non-royal commoner.

Hot Topic The Swimsuit Sex Talk

Today, in dumb news, AZ state-level Senator Sylvia Allen has proposed a bill to prevent any sex education for anyone under age 12. Joy says that age is already a tween. At what age should sex ed start. Yvette said her mom talked to her at age 7. The Swimsuit Talk. Nobody can touch her where the swimsuit touches. When you learn at a young age, you avoid the risk of learning bad info from friends. Sunny just went through this with her 13 and 17 yr olds. Her parents never told her anything, but gave her the Lifecycle series. She figured it out, but late. She was told no sex before marriage, they’re Catholic, but that was it. She tried the same with her kids, and they were like uh, wat. Her kid's school taught it in 4th grade. At first she was horrified, but now she thinks that’s the right age. Her son started asking her at age 8. She tried to punt it to the doctor and the doctor sent it back her way. Joy brings up p0rn scene from Love, Actually. They were watching with the kids and scrambled for the remote. Abby also grew up very religious. Her mom gave her the talk while getting an ice cream. She was 10-11 and it was mint chocolate chip. The Birds and the Bees talk. She always thought it was bad. It was uncomfortable (topic), and a tough transition to make with her husband. Ana says kids are exposed to things at a very young age. Abby says p0rn is highest in her state of Utah (lol). When people aren’t given good info, they search for it themselves. Joy says this AZ Senator also wants the word homosexuality removed. Ana thinks everybody who comes out against homosexuality has something going on. Sunny wonders how removing the word will accomplish things. Abby thinks it hurts people trying to figure out themselves, makes it harder for them and they end up hating themselves thinking something is wrong with them.

Hot Topic Yvette NAACP Award

Congratulations to Yvette. As a writer, for BET movie Always a Bridesmaid. The View were nominated for talk show hosts, as well as for the GLAAD awards. Yvette says she wrote it 20 years ago. Never give up on your dreams. Sunny and Abby praise her, for sticking with her dream. Yvette says you have to believe in yourself. It’s on DVD now.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Can she stay gone please and thanks

Programming Note: the next debate is Tuesday 14 January in Des Moines, Iowa and sponsored by CNN and The Des Moines Register

Ontd when did you get the sex talk?

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