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Colbert Interviews Larry David About New Season of Curb Your Enthusiasm (It Gets A Little Awkward)

-Larry talks about his New Year's Resolutions. Says the past ones he found most effective were "Pee before you leave" and "make 2 trips" when carrying in groceries. He says this year he wants to stop waving at waiters to get their attention because he doesn't think they like it and he says he's going to learn how to swipe his card better (even though he's aware that now you have to insert a chip [America, this is like a DECADE ago - why aren't you tapping!?]).

-Their banter is awkward but funny throughout the clip (lol of course, it's Larry David).

-Shows a clip from Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm (this clip really resonated with me as a person who washes dishes in scalding hot water without gloves).

-Talks about doing his impression of Bernie Sanders.

-Says if he can't hail a cab in New York, strangers will stop for him and give him a ride and he takes it lol.

-New season of Curb starts January 19, 2020 on HBO!

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Tags: interview, stephen colbert / the colbert report, television - hbo
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