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The View: Michael B Jordan, Hot Topics

Meghan is off, back Monday. Yay for all of us.

Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan is promoting his film Just Mercy

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[Warning this was taped. Meghan is at the table, and everyone is wearing a different outfit vs Hot Topics. (Except Whoopi -but her hair is different).]

Plays clip. Whoopi talks about MBJ going back to his old hs in Newark. MBJ explains why he went and what he wanted to accomplish by doing that. MBJ is cagey about the next Black Panther because Marvel has everyone on lockdown. Since his character died, then it would be a huge spoiler. Sunny diverts to Just Mercy with Jamie Foxx. Gives summary of plot. MBJ said he didn’t know of this man before the film, then he got to know about him, feels it’s so important to today’s issues. Abby likes that he gets behind projects he feels passionate about. This film is important, about death row. MBJ talks about Jamie’s role. He still feels that (him being black) he lives by a different set of rules. With the film, he didn’t want to exploit emotion, but wanted it to be honest. Film got a standing ovation at TIFF but what was more amazing, at the Q&A people were asking what they could do to help.

MBJ is also a producer and used an inclusion rider on this film. MBJ talks about what is motivating him to do that. Explains what an inclusion rider is, references Frances McDormand awards speech. He’s been friends with JF for a long time, this is the first opportunity to work with him. Film opens tomorrow.

Hot Topic Royal Ruckus

[You probably haven’t heard the news (j/k 😃) but Prince Harry and Meghan are sorta kinda quitting the BRF. The panel basically rehashes the same points raised in all the Ontd posts so I won’t itemize all of it. I usually include the related Ontd posts but there are so many!1!!1]

Joy feels it’s a relief to be talking about ~this given that we were faced with Iran WWIII. Abby says watching The Crown makes her think it’s miserable to be a royal. Harry’s had a tough time, lost his mom when he was young, and she died at the hands of reckless paparazzi. Joy brings up abdication of Edward due to Wallis Simpson. Whoopi thinks Meghan is doing the right thing, he won’t be King so whatever. Sunny reads off the trash headlines that Meghan has faced. Like, sarcasm, why would she leave. All this unprecedented racism, Sunny didn’t feel the BRF protected her as openly as they should have. Whoopi speculates how it probably went down between Harry and Meghan, so let them be. Joy (jokes) that they should co-host. Abby thinks about everything that changed in 2 years. He got married, had a child, having a child changes everything. People who say it’s Meghan’s fault, she’s not buying it. Sunny reminds of Abby talking previously about the ITV interview where Meghan got emotional being asked how she was doing, because no one had asked her. She was criticized for even that. Joy thinks there was some naivete. Whoopi says Harry has said leave his wife alone [but nothing changed]. Joy says we’ve all seen Cinderella where she marries the prince but nobody sees what happens after that.

Hot Topic Iran Dissent From GOP

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) had a meltdown over the sham briefing that was provided over Iran assassination. Plays clip, excerpt he goes off. Worst briefing ever, told it was necessary [but not why], they left after 75 mins, but told to be good little boys and girls to not debate it publicly. He’s fired up. Whoopi has a meltdown, wants the gaslighting to stop. Thrilled that someone finally called this out (re/GOP). Abby knows Lee well, she liked what he said. Says nice things about his credibility. Continues that T45 has repeatedly said the intelligence community was trash, but now wants America to believe that he supports the intelligence community. Sunny says, he’s been an attorney, he’s voted for T45 75% of the time, so when someone like him speaks out, it means our skepticism is warranted. Still haven’t been told the imminent threat. Joy wants others to step up, stop blaming the Democrats when now GOP are speaking out. Whoopi is happy to see even one crack in the cult. Joy wonders why T45 sniffs all the time [someone on politics twitter counted, he sniffed 58x during his winded slurring speech].

Hot Topic Joy’s Lasagna

[Cut from clip: Joy thought her dog was having a psychotic break. Turns out dog has acid reflux, like her. They ask if he’s been eating her lasagna! (no)]. Whoopi asks about the Christmas gift lasagna. Sunny says it was delicious, but… Whoopi laughs that you don’t get a gift only to say it was great, but… Sunny says her son had already heated it, and it was half empty. Abby says her pan was slightly smaller. Whoopi is still incredulous. What era was this, the family ate it, the pan was too small. Joy thanks her husband for helping her make them. Whoopi congratulates Jedediah who recently had a baby. She didn’t know about it. Feels bad she missed the whole event.

Hot Topic Let Lizzo Live

See related post here by stewie_e

Jillian Michaels fallout. Joy says she’s not celebrating her body, she’s celebrating that she likes her body. Whoopi is thrilled that she’s comfortable. Joy says JM can have her opinion but not everybody can be a skinny b’tch. Joy carries on and on, talks about treadmills. Sunny thinks we body shame too much. Abby says after being heavily pregnant, she’s never going to comment on a person’s body, just be happy with your life.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

The show is infinitely more tolerable when she is absent

Ontd I’m in a mood. Are you in a mood?

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