shizshockhorror (shizshockhorror) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Wiley vs. Stormzy; round 2

The whole of the UK’s grime scene has only one major conflict on
their mind right now, and that is Stormzy vs. Wiley. The godfather of Grime, first took blows at the current prince of british rap, by saying the latter wasn’t respectful of the artists who had come before him, and paved the way for Stormzy’s legendary status
in the UK. After sending for Stormzy on Sunday, which you can listen to here, and being destroyed in return, Wiley took aim again
Tuesday evening, with some choice words aimed at Stormzy’s mum.

Stormzy, being the good Ghanaian boy that he is, wasn’t about to let shots be fired at his mum like that, and so swiftly fired back wednesday evening, promptly destroying the last shreds of Wiley’s dignity.

Who do you think won the second round ONTD?

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Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, celebrity feud, music / musician (rap and hip-hop)
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