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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may Establish a Home in Los Angeles; will Freeze out UK Press

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Meghan Markle and Not-Prince-For-Much-Longer Harry allegedly plan to establish a second (third?) home in Los Angeles.

If you missed the posts, they made an announcement today that they will no longer continue their duties as senior royals. They made this decision without the queen's knowledge, which apparently blindsided the entire court/staff at Buckingham palace.

The pair stated that they intend to split their time between Canada and the U.K., where they apparently want to keep their taxpayer-funded mansion, Frogmore Cottage. But a source close to Meghan believes that she and Harry may also set up a base in L.A., which is near Meghan's mother.

Also: They apparently intend to freeze out U.K. news outlets and reporters after the slew of racist coverage toward Meghan. Their announcement criticized the crown's current press strategy, which is called the "Royal Rota." This involves one U.K. news outlet covering a royal event at a time and then sharing their reporting with other select outlets. They will no longer participate in this.

Do you think this choice will help them, or backfire?

Help them

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