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The View: Andrew Yang, Jamie Oliver, Hot Topics

Today's show on east coast was interrupted by T45 adderall slurring winded blowhard speech.

Andrew Yang

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Abby starts with Iran. Was the cost worth it, taking out Soleimani. Yang says 75% of Americans don’t want a war with Iran. We shouldn’t be responding disproportionately. We should be negotiating. Joy says not only did we assassinate him, we did it so openly in front of the world, not even in a covert way. Yang says the rumors are that his NSC team presented multiple options, thinking the most extreme measure would push him to the middle option, but he took the worst one. [And what did all the US military do to walk him back? This is on them, as well]. We shouldn’t be making decisions this way, particularly not when lives are at stake. Joy thinks it’s obviously a Wag the Dog moment. Yang thinks America wants a leader with the right temperament, judgment, and values. Yang would push the power to declare war back to Congress, where it’s stated in our Constitution. We’ve been in armed conflict for 20 yrs. People at his campaign stops don’t want this. The money spent on these foreign conflicts should be diverted to programs that help the people. Yang says he would include military experts in his Cabinet (duh, what a dumb question Meghan). Joy reminds that Gen Mattis said, we should be spending more on diplomacy which means you spend less on ammunition. [But he’s gone and won’t speak out and wrote a whole book of T45 sub-tweets context]. Whoopi says Yang has outlasted so many others, but he’s not getting the same media glare as the others. People seem to hear what you’re saying, they’re asking smart questions, and they don’t seem to have the same distaste that some have for other candidates. Yang addresses his campaign approach and why he thinks he’s doing well. Yang talks about how proud he is, to be the first Asian American to run for potus. Says his dad was a peanut farmer and now look at him. Sunny says he’s the most diverse candidate who has raised the most money but polls are low. Yang thinks he’s still too new to a lot of the voters. Says latest poll that he’s the least disappointing of the candidates. Sunny brings up polls from black voters. Yang says he needs to do more to introduce himself to the black community. Talks his vision for poc, thinks his polls will go up. Gets specific about his plan, $1K dividend. Talks about Amazon not paying corporate taxes, closing stores and malls. Average retail clerk is 39 yr old woman making between $8-10/hr. Talks taxing corporations to return that to the people. He wants to give it to the people so they can solve their own problems.

Evelyn, his wife, joins him. Joy says he started his campaign based on his gmail list. What does she make of this. She thought at first it was a phase. He was frustrated after the last election. He convinced her when he talked about his solutions for the country. She thought they were practical doable solutions and the people would like what he has to say. Says he’s also genuine. Abby brings up how open they are. Their two kids. Two boys, the oldest is on the autism spectrum. Son made them parents, but also made them better people. You don’t imagine this for your children, but then you experience it and you realize most don’t have the resources. Yang emphasizes he’s running for potus to help solve the problems that we’re leaving for our kids, and if that’s as potus great but if that’s in some other capacity then also great because we all need to do more. Evelyn laughs and says (VP pick) would need to be a conversation. Yang thanks her for letting him run, and also sacrificing so much while he’s on the road. Whoopi loved his answer to the VP question.

Hot Topic Iran

Whoopi recaps last night’s events. No US casualties. T45 due to speak, during the show. Tweeted All is Well! Sunny said for the first time she feared for her children, the idea of being at war, has son who will be 18 soon, looked up rules of draft, several members of her family who served, some injured, the sacrifice they made. Idea terrifies her. Joy feels like it’s déjà vu from 2003 Iraq. Bush43 kept changing the reason. Now McConnell is doing the same. Plays clip. Bad guy. Not the reason they gave. Said it was an imminent threat but haven’t revealed this threat. They lie all the time. Nobody had ever heard of this General until he was assassinated. Abby talks about those who have already been deployed from Ft Bragg. Supports the military, all the more reason we (US) should be more thoughtful when applying military orders. Thought T45 was going to pull out of middle east. We’ve been there for 20 yrs, we’re not going to solve their problems. Thousands of lives, millions of refugees, are we in a better place now? History will not say that killing this guy was a bright move. Joy says nobody is sad the guy is out. [but Iran can be proportional while US cannot].

Joy calls out Richard Spencer (Unite the Right, Charlottesville), he tweeted that he deeply regrets voting for, and promoting, T45 in 2016. He ran on not invading and there he goes. Abby also calls out his base because he’s betrayed all his ~campaign promises. What is the strategy. Sunny says again we have to take comfort that Iran took precaution and showed restraint, whereas T45 is the one being provocative. Whoopi emphasizes, hello we did this already. Obama and Kerry got an Iran deal. Then T45 pulled out of the deal. He doesn’t think diplomatically to keep a war from happening. Happy that Iran didn’t retaliate in a worse way. But now what. What was the imminent threat. Why not move out the people who are already there. There were better ways to do this. Whoopi calls out again, that nobody is disappointed General is dead. We deserve to know why, what was the threat, what is going on.

Hot Topic Cooking With Jamie Oliver

[There are two clips, but only the second clip was uploaded to The View channel]

Jamie Oliver cooks lunch for the ladies. Celebrating 20 yrs with his wife. Promoting his latest book Ultimate Veg.

(If you like to cook, he makes some interesting comfort food dishes)

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Meghan is insufferable.

Ontd how are you doing today are you alright are you hanging in there? Internet hugs Xx

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