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Fergie Interviews

Fergie: Josh Duhamel Is My Private Dancer
TUESDAY APRIL 03, 2007 09:20 AM EDT
By Stephen M. Silverman

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have already revealed they keep their romance hot
with karaoke and fishing trips - and now you can add sexy dancing to that

"He just dances for me in private, in some very interesting outfits," the
singer, 32, tells Playboy in its May issue. "He bought me these amazing
boots at the Hustler store. They're thigh-high patent leather with a big
long zipper. They're hard to get on, but it's worth it."

Does Fergie (real name: Stacy Ferguson) make Duhamel, 34, dance to her
music? "Make him? He wants to. He likes dancing. I slow dance with
him, but
I have to stand on his feet because I'm too short. He's 6'3" and I'm
Luckily I took ballet, so I know how to stand en pointe."

The couple have been dating since 2004, though they first met in
subconscious. "I had read in a magazine that he had a naughty dream about
me," Fergie says. "All my friends knew about him because he had been a
soap-opera star. I'm not into soap operas, but they told me, 'You
gotta go
out with him. Do it for the group. Take one for the team.'

"Time went by, and I saw on the schedule that we were taping a show
Las Vegas, and I thought, Is this the show he's on? We met, and I
said, 'I
read you had a dream about me.' He said yeah, and I asked, 'Was it
good?' He
said it was. So we hit it off."

Fergie in Playboy Photo by: Courtesy Playboy Magazine
The former Black Eyed Peas singer also hit it off with audiences on her
first solo effort, last year's The Duchess. "Next time I might do a
or hip-hop album," she says. "But for this album I wanted to get really
personal with the audience."

Speaking of which, what about that 2005 photo from a San Diego concert in
which it looks like she wet her pants onstage?

"Embarrassment," she says. "Everyone told me not to talk about it, but I
wanted to call people and tell them what had happened. I was advised
not to,
and I didn't for a while. Now I'm just honest about it. It's
but you just have to let it go at some point." 

Source:  Playboy Magazine  ,,,20033453,00.html
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