Gillian loves lemoñadé. (invisible_cunt) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Gillian loves lemoñadé.

Aaron Carter has 2 secret children?!

If you haven't been following the wild last 6 months of Aaron Carter's mania and drug-induced spiral, shit just got real. tea being spilled left and right!

- Aaron apparently as a tween and a 5yr old, and apparently knocked up some fangirl in the fall
- the 5yr old's mother is also an addict and her parents or grandparents have custody of the kid
- Aaron has been begging fans to donate to him with the promise that he will donate it to charity but actually needs the money for cigarettes and weed
- his house is for sale and he's delinquent in taxes, but nobody wants to buy his overpriced, smoke stained house
- he has an upcoming court date for a contempt of court charge when he lost his shit during his tro hearing which was issued by his twin sister
- he keeps hiring plastic filled escorts for a few days and each one he falls in love with and wants to marry...
- he has also sent dick pics to underage fans and even sent them to some wannabe youtuber who then put them online (it's long but skinny...)
- a bunch of tweets have been unearthed from years ago of him being a massive creep

just read through the twitter above. it's overflowing with tea.">
Tags: aaron carter, drugs / alcohol, scandal
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