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The View: Elizabeth Warren, Impeachapalooza

Full Panel

Elizabeth Warren

Four more clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

[Audience is very happy to see her, intro to table cut from first clip]

Starts with Soleimani assassination. Says it doesn’t make us safer, damaged our relationship with allies, threatening to commit war crimes by saying he’ll bomb cultural and religious sights. He’s put us on the brink of war. It didn’t happen all by itself. A president is supposed to do xyz and yet T45 has taken us in the opposite direction. EW explains the difference between a proportional response to an official senior member of a sovereign nation vs some country-less organization (eg Al Queda or ISIS). Knowing the right response is paramount.

Sunny talks about his claim he’ll commit what will be war crimes. Asks EW how she would’ve handled all of this which goes back to Syria-Kurds to now. EW talks about the sacrifice of the military and a Potus should never ask our military to solve a problem that can not be solved via military. We have a State Dept for a reason, diplomacy. The Iran deal got them to negotiate and agree to our terms, now T45 withdrew it, provoked them, all to ~own Obama. International community had already certified that Iran was adhering to the deal. It damaged our credibility on deal-making. EW says we should de-escalate and get Iran back to the negotiating table.

Abby switches to impeachment. Brings up Mustache vs Pelosi strategy. EW says Senate should step up, if Mustache wants to testify, which she feels is Pelosi’s goal. Docs should be available via FOIA. Subpoenas are being ignored and dismissed. EW says it’s undermining our rule of law. It started when Obama nominated Garland for SCOTUS but McConnell refused to participate at all. There was no time limit in the Constitution, he had a year. Joy wonders if Dems should say the same thing if a SCOTUS opening to occur. EW says there are practical terms to consider, eg last hours in office, but Obama had a whole year. McConnell has also made up his mind that T45 isn’t guilty. EW says she watched the House hearings. She’s willing to listen to Senate trial with witnesses. If all we hear is what came out during House hearing, then there’s no other conclusion to make. If there is a defense, then present it. Sunny repeats her point from earlier about presenting your defense witnesses. Sunny moves to Iowa. Re/impeachment in Senate. Biden and Sanders can campaign but Warren would need to be present. EW says she’d honor her oath to the Constitution as a Senator. Whoopi says Senate is trying to change all the rules to suit GOP crookery. EW says this is not only the time to stand up, it’s time to stand up and be loud that America doesn’t want to go to war, that America wants a trial that is fair.

[EW works the audience during commercial break, cut from clip]

Whoopi goes back to Garland. If those rules were circumvented, was that fruit from the poison tree. EW said there was never rules about taking up a SCOTUS nomination. The lawlessness has been creeping in and getting worse over time. EW says her three military brothers, one is Democrat. Says all will vote her for her haha. The one thing that gets all three of them going is Amazon isn’t paying taxes (corporate level). Joy says she likes EW, but mentions the wealthy are afraid of EW. EW talks her tax approach. Every plan she’s put out doesn’t increase tax on the middle class. Talks her platform positions. Sunny is mad about 2 trillion on military, so be quiet about money spent for social programs.

EW talks about AOC remarks on Democrat big tent versus other political systems that have many parties. EW thinks this is what we have, so Dem needs a big tent. EW talks more about her campaign approach, town halls in blue and red states. People are openminded and are thinking about change. There are so many issues where the real American voters have different opinions depending on the topic. She’s trying to reach those people. Sunny brings up dwindling diversity in remaining candidates. EW thinks it’s a real problem, brings up the influence of money. EW talks her appeal to poc and woc. Praises Kamala, said the day she dropped out due to money was the same day a billionaire announced his candidacy.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™ Wag the Irandog©

Yosemite Sam’s Mustache has said he’ll testify for Senate if he gets a subpoena. Whoopi wonders why he decided it now. Joy says it’s suspicious because he announced it literally right after Iran. He’s an Iran hating war-hawk. Maybe he’s ticked off or maybe he wants back in good graces. [He has a book to sell]. Abby takes the high road and thinks he has a conscience. Makes a joke about his mustache. Thinks Mustache has a moral compass. Looool. Joy said why didn’t he do it during House hearings. Abby said he was critical of impeachment, even tho he was against what happened and called it a drug deal. But then he must’ve felt he should speak up. Sunny said he would testify but only pursuant to subpoena. WH blocked all those people testifying. If there is any exculpatory witness, then you let that happen, you don’t block it. Obvs WH blocks them on purpose. 75% Americans want witness testimony. Abby says she’s been in politics most of her life and her opinion is her opinion, doesn’t take it lightly that her opinion is being dismissed. [She’s talking about Meghan].

Whoopi talks about Lindsey Graham. Plays old clip during Clinton impeachment. Not ok with anyone pooping on the law. Once he became T45 bootlicker, his polls have skyrocketed in SC. Sunny takes issue that there is supposedly a difference between politics and ethics.

The analogy below explains that weasel bootlicker. Tweet

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Hey media who lurk or secretly post here -ha made you look- get rid of the obnoxious petulant brat Meghan please and thanks

Ontd are you already so exhausted with this year?

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