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YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson says 'No one can save me' in unsettling livestreams hijacked by older man

Lia Marie Johnson, 23, is best known as one of the most popular commentators in the Fine Bros. Kids React and Teens React series, as well as the later YouTubers React series. She also released music starting in 2014, signing with Capitol records in 2015. She abruptly stopped posting public content in May 2018, and in May 2019 she returned with an online presence limited to erratic livestreams on Instagram that frequently spark concern from her 1 million+ followers.

January 2, Lia broadcasted surreptitiously from a recording studio. She was visibly intoxicated and kissing a seemingly much older man out of frame. Things got stranger from there.

[CW: Recording of livestream, descriptions of potential sexual assault below the cut]

Around 14 minutes in, Lia waves to the camera, laughs, and says, "No one can save me, though." From there, the rest of the video is:

Man: Are you on Instagram?
Lia: Totally.
Man: No, you’re not.
Lia: Totally.
Man: You can’t be on Instagram. Are you on Instagram? Are you really on Instagram? You can't be posting.
Lia: No, you're right, you're right, you're right.
Man: That would be bad. Were you on Instagram? Lia? Were you on Instagram?
Lia: No. No.
Man: Then what is this? Tell me the truth. What is this?
Lia: It's just a live.
Man: It's what?
Lia: That's a live, not even an Instagram.
Man: Livestream?
Lia: No.
Man: What is it? Tell me the truth. What are you on?

The video ends.

Lia goes live again moments later, but only for a short while before the man takes her phone, says “Now we’re going back to us. I’m hijacking your phone," and pauses the livestream for several minutes before ending it.

Many fans who saw the streams in real time called the police, who did perform a wellness check at Lia's residence. Lia went live again later that day and the police can be heard in the background. Lia says, “F**k all of you, do not send the f**king police to my f**king address."

The same man from her earlier videos can be heard saying, "Lea, I need this not to go out because it will affect my work. Please, turn it off."

After the fact Lia's reported as saying, "The cops showed up, and detained me, put cuffs on my hands. [...] There’s no reason to worry, I’m OK. I just want to be left alone.”

The man in video is allegedly Steven Wetherbee, 67, owner of the studio where Lia records and her producer since at least 2012 — when she was 15. Steven works primarily with young girls, and many videos of him with them were previously visible on his Instagram account, whetherbeephoto; however, he has erased his online presence since news of the Instagram Live went viral.

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