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The WWE still thinks being a Lesbian is a Shocking Plot Twist

- For those who aren't following wrestling here is a quick recap (or as quick as one can do for a WWE storyline). Lana and Rusev were married. Lana cheated on Rusev with Bobby Lashley. There was a lot of fighting. Lana and Bobby were going to get married on the final episode of RAW of 2019.
- Liv Morgan was previously a member of the tag team the Riott Squad. She hasn't been seen in WWE for six months and for a while posted cryptic messages on Twitter. In the last few weeks she's been in segments talking about a makeover and how she has to be reborn or something. The popular theory was she was joining The Fiend in the Firefly Funhouse. But this is the WWE so that's obviously not what happened.
- Liv made her return on RAW by crashing the Lana/Bobby wedding proclaiming she couldn't see the love of her life, which was implied to be Bobby get married but NOPE. Liv instead proclaims her love for Lana. Turns out Liv and Lana had been having an affair because apparently surprise lesbians is still shocking and cool.
- It should be noted that out Lesbian wrestler Sonya Deville has asked creative in the past for a LGBTQA+ storyline (potentially with tag team partner Mandy Rose) but has been turned down. Deville revealed on Total Divas that she had even met with creative and discussed a possible storyline.
- Many fans took to twitter to call out the WWE for still using someone's sexuality for shock value and for ignoring Deville when they could do a powerful and important storyline with her. Many also said they felt the WWE was only doing this because it would be considered hot and both Liv and Lana are attractive and blonde.
- The segment ended with Lana’s real-life husband, Rusev (also a wrestler), bursting out of the wedding cake to attack Bobby.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose (WWE):

Effy (Queer Indie Wrestler):

CM Punk (Former WWE Wrestler, commentator on Fox):

Joey Ryan (Impact Wrestling, known for using his penis as a weapon - yes, really):

Source + My TV, 1, 2, 3, 4
Tags: lgbtq / rights, sports / athletes - wrestling

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