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Harry Hamlin recalls his bizarre audition for Indiana Jones


Harry Hamlin auditioned for “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

He was asked to come in and read for Spielberg and George Lucas.

He came in together with actress Stephanie Zimbalist for the audition

Hamlin, 68, told Page Six:

“When I got there, Steven came down. He said, ‘Harry, Stephanie, I’m so sorry, but George’s plane is going to be late. He’s flying down from San Francisco and it’s going to be at least 45 minutes until he gets here.'”

Spielberg then asked them to bake a cake while they waited for Lucas to arrive.

“He closed the door and left and we were standing alone in this kitchen,” Hamlin continued. “I said, ‘Stephanie, have you ever made a chocolate cake?’ And she said, ‘No…'”

“During that time, because Amy Irving [Spielberg’s future wife from 1985-1989] had been a good friend of mine, I was talking about how Amy was calling her friend group in LA and saying that this guy, this director guy was stalking her in New York and how she was kind of getting annoyed because this guy, Steven Spielberg, was showing up at the stage door every night with flowers.”

He continued, “It never occurred to me … that we were actually in the audition while we were making the cake.”

Hamlin revealed that the kitchen was bugged with cameras and microphones and Spielberg and Lucas were watching them

Hamlin didn't get the part and he never learned how to make a cake.


Strangest audition/interview, ONTD?
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